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CETACEAN DRAWING CONTEST : Dolphin's Family Bonding


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Hello Everyone! This is Ishan and this Blog is for submitting my entry to @jacinta.sevilla's
Cetacean Drawing Contest

To be honest I'm not really familiar to the word **"Cetacean" but after I read the contest post of Jacinta, Cetacean is a group of Sea Mammals that commonly refers to Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises.

If you guys think I will draw an Orca like Willy, hmmmm! kinda but to be exactly I will draw a Family of Dolphins. Orca I think is the largest member of Oceanic Dolphin and I just want to share when I was a kid This movie is one of my favorite and this movie really makes me cry.

I really love dolphins
My last encounter with them I think it was last year when I visit the province of my mom. I saw two of them jumping on the sea.

This Group of Dolphins is the Bottlenose Dolphin. This is the type of Dolphin that I drew for my entry of this contest.

Bottlenose Dolphin or the the genus Tursiops they are the most common members of the family Delphinidae, This kind of Dolphins can find in warm oceans and tropical seas like in our country Philippines

Anyway Guys Here's My Entry the....

"Dolphin's Family Bonding"


Sad to say I don't have pictures of WIP (Working In Progess) BUUUUUT! I have a 5 minutes Time Lapse of my drawing from the Start until the end.

The approximately time working this art was about 12 hours doing that comes with FULL VIDEO of the process.

and I have a picture of Me and the Artwork.


Here are the Materials that I've been used for this masterpiece


The First Materials are the Paper and the coloring materials, so I used a Watercolor Paper that have the higher GSM than a normal paper, WHY? Because I used Oil Pastel and to achieve the smooth blending of colors we need to used Oil or Baby Oil is much better so if the paper has the lesser GSM or the thicker one and then we used Oil for blending the colors it may destroy your work and it will break with the holes.

The Second Material will be my Improvised Blender for Blending the colors. Most of us we just used our Fingers to blend the colors. What I did is I cut a small piece of tissue paper then put it on the tip of a blank color pen or on the eraser are of the pencil and tape it after it's done the last thing you need to do is to pot the Oil or theBaby Oil on the tissue then start smudge it for blending the colors.

And the last will be this 2 INKMATES. I used this for some detailing for dark areas. On my Entry I used this two making the corals, eyes, mouth and the bubbles. Nothing Special for this two on this masterpiece.

So that's all guys for this Entry Blog ^_^
Enjoy your day and Keep on Steeming Guys.
God Bless Everyone!

Steem On!
copyright @ishanvirtue
All rights reserved.


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