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Steem cross 5300 satoshi today


7 months agoSteemit3 min read

Steem situation these days

Steem is hiking slightly most steem sellers sold steem and no panic selling now meos is still delayed for unknown reason . Meos was known as steem killers but we saw no clue that meos will launch or not but it is confirm that steem is not going anywhere , Teams are trying to force hardfork 21 . When there will be hardfork 21 it means that inflation of steem will be decreased . But SMt is delayed for unknown reason i found steem team is working very slow for development of steem which is not a good sign.
How ever Bitcoin is also moving good but a strange news coming which can destroy steem market again that FB going to launch its own coin if this happen it will be a disaster for all crypto market every one will love to hold Fb coin for many kind of purpose like advertising , or other ways where people use credit card before now will use fb coin for marketing promoting their own business This is sure that billion of dollars will come to facebook after launch of Fb coin.
but we cannot write how it will impact on bitcoin and other alt coin prices but there is a fear that market of all crypto loss its capital.
But the good thing is that fb is going to launch global coin which market value will remain stable thats mean that global coin will be always equal to 1$. so people who think that fb coin will beat bitcoin is not true it will remain stable

Fb coin vs Meos

I think Fb coin is not o dangerous as meos but some people said that meos news was fake and propoganda by steem team no meos is coming instead of this a new token based on Eos has been launched name Fb coin will eat much volume of market capital but also bring new investors to crypto markets.

Xrp vs Steem

In my view we have not comparison between Xrp and Steem but steemit has listed coins like xrp in main page but Xrp is supported by most of banks and have big investors but still xrp value is very low compare to investment due to huge supply. Xrp has a great billionares investors but lack of marketing which is making xrp a poor move coin when xrp was launched some banks advertise it as they were holding it the most of people bought xrp very high almost 3$ and now the price is very low. I think xrp and steem will remain move together.


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