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Photography: An afternoon in Venice


7 months ago2 min read


Last month I had the opportunity to spend half a day in Venice. My idea of it was quite distant of what actually is and it shocked me how different this city is. It might be obvious, I knew about the canals, the gondolas and the landscapes, but experiencing it was more eye opening than I expected. How everything revolves around the fact of being surrounded by water, even the most common thing such as the post officer, buses or ambulances, amazed me in the most surprising way.

The day ran very quickly, since I just could be there for an afternoon and the light I had to do decent pictures was going to be limited. I walked through the entire city non stop but it was worth it, Venice is an incredibly beautiful city.

I had a very funny experience with the friend I went to, in the Piazza San Marco. There are a lot of seagulls there, almost more than people and I'm not exaggerating. We were having a slice of pizza and a beer while walking, when this massive seagull attacked my friend from behind, grabbed the pizza while she was bitting it and ate it in front of us. She went back for another slice and the seagulls were waiting for her, even tried to attack her again. So be careful if you ever want to have lunch or dinner there.

Here are some pictures I took during the day. They were shot with a Fujifilm X-E2, some of them very quickly and rushing while I was walking, but I think they have the essence of the city. Sadly, I don't have any decent photos from that narrow streets so characteristic of Venice. Definitely, a city I would love to go back.






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