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3+1 tips on how to win @yoodoo State of the Dapps contests.


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I am deeply indebted to @yoodoo| @oracle-D team for organizing State of the Dapps contests. My involvement in their tasks has always given me a good understanding of the different Dapps and their applications in solving real-world problems.

Their contests involve reviewing Dapps listed on the state of the Dapps website and they are open to steemians who are interested in learning about the different crypto and blockchain products. Winning these contests feels great and the pay after emerging as the winner is the most amazing thing. I want to share some tips on how you can get your blog to the top.

yoodoo task.PNG

Tips on how to win @yoodoo|@oracle-d contests

  1. Add the provided long-tail keywords and key phrases to your blogs.
    The contest blog always contains the targeted key phrases for each task. Embedding these pertinent key phrases in your blog contributes immensely to a good google rank, which is great for your work.

  2. Write with the reader in mind.
    This kind of writing helps you to create engaging and succinct articles that reach the targeted audience. Most blockchain-related articles are read by non -technical people so it is fit to write in a simple language that everyone understands.

  3. Use Grammarly to check grammatic errors.
    Grammarly is now a commonly used tool by most writers because of its simplicity in checking grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is a free browser extension for chrome, safari, firefox and edge. Adding a Grammarly extension will reduce the errors in your blog.

  4. Find someone to proofread your articles.
    It is sometimes hard for you to see mistakes in your blogs. It is better to find a friend in a writing group to go through your work. Error-free work will put your blog to the top

If you have any other valuable tips, feel free to leave a message below.


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