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It's like Wine & Dine week for me!

Not that I'm complaining but one person can only eat so much especially if you have a small stomach and appetite like mine. One big meal assimilates to one whole days meal; sometimes even one day and half !

A trip to Ryu-Shin prove to me that I can only one bowl of ramen and nothing else. The portions are just too huge for someone like me. So, if you ever consider to visit this restaurant, make sure you bring along a friend or two with you to share your orders because everything taste as good as it looks on the menu.


Locate at the front of 15B alley, Ryu-Shin is quite easy to spot out. The entrance door is small just as any other restaurant in this area. But, with the que standing outside the entrance, there's no way you can miss it! Not to mention that there's quite alot of restaurants and bars along this street. If I may say so, it seems like this street is catered to the Japanese clienteles.


If you're unsure what to order, just ask the wait staff and they will recommend their Signature Tonkatsu Ramen. The broth is thick, a bit on the salty side but so full of flavour. Strangely, they serve raw onions and I don't mean spring onions in the ramen. Maybe, that's why it's their Signature!



Being a smoking free restaurant, which is very uncommon to most Japanese restaurants. Yeah ! Majority of Japanese smokes so having smoke-free restaurant in District 1 seems strange. Then again, any restaurant owner has to abide to the laws in the country their in. Majority of the wait staff are Japanese ladies but they do speak conversational English which is great.



Another Signature Drink is the Plum Wine; also frequently recommended by the wait staff. Afterall, plum is a local fruit and very popular in Vietnam. I should not be alarmed that they created a plum wine with all the plum fruits available in this country.

I highly recommend to visit this restaurant if you're in HCMC. Worth every penny of it !

Restaurant Information

15B/12 Lê Thánh Tôn, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Ryu-Shin | Tasteem Review
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