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Hey Splatts, Chew on This! ~ #potroastcrockpot


7 months agoBusy2 min read


The local Cub Foods must have had a new guy doing their meat order this past week since they had a ton of beef labeled Manager Special. The sell by date wasn't for another three days, so that was fine with me. Even though I'm a rib-eye kinda guy, I couldn't turn down a half pound filet mignon for less than 5 bucks. Add in an almost three pound pot roast for 8 bucks (originally $18!) and I was one happy dude!

I thoroughly enjoyed the filet earlier in the week, a perfect medium rare in my book, damn was it tender and delicious.


But before work yesterday, I browned up the roast and threw that baby in the crock pot for a nice slow and low cook for 10 hours. Man was the house smelling good when I got home!!!!


The roast was melt in your mouth perfection. The carrots and potatoes were cooked just long enough (added them in with 3 hours to go) and the onions and mushrooms were tossed in the last hour.

All in all, it is scrum-diddily-umpcious!!! My almost 2 year old daughter went back for seconds for lunch today, so if she approves, I'd say it was a winner.

Happy FFF everybody! Have a great weekend and Steem on!!!


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