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China the place of restrictions!


7 months ago2 min read

Dear steem-bountiers

last sunday i departed for work to China and i got a bad surprise.

All my habits in internet are restricted here!

Only Steemit seems working, but everything else not!

Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, Hotmail, every thing related to these services are restricted and no working!!

I am working in Xinxiang city and i cannot get any kind of service with normal internet, so i just installed on my laptop the program Vyprvpn which seems work but only during deep night, here now is 04.38 :(((

My main problem now is to find the way to reconnect my phones to this vpn, but for it i need to setup the laptop as wifi router.

All my try with windows 10 mobile hotspot service did get any result, this is WTF happen in my screen when i try to setup it:

I have laptop connected with ethernet cable, my vpn is working well, wifi work if i connect internet with it, but no way to use it as router wifi.

So as usual i ask to my steem-bounty friends an help and so who will help me to solve this trouble, i will give my upvote for the set bounty.

I always support my beloved community of @steem-bounty.

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