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Chairs, Benches, Seats And The World Order


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You know when you have too much choices and you just can't choose?
You don't know?
Well aren't you lucky.
You always know what you want and after you've chosen you are contempt with what you have.
Aren't you lucky indeed.


"This is a nice color but this one on the other hand is really nice too. I love them both and I know if I choose this one and not that one, the next week and month will go by me thinking how stupid I was when I didn't choose that other color."


How easy it would be to live somewhere where there would be only one option. "This is what we have, it's pretty shitty and all, doesn't function that well and looks awful, but as it's the only thing available, we all know that's what you are going to choose."



Then again not having choices is really dull. And after a while you crave for something different just to stay sane. Or relatively sane. Then perhaps other people start to think you no longer are sane. When you want something else than what everyone else is having. You stand out. You want to stand out. And that's a big no-no. Not tolerated.


"Oh look at you. Why do you want something else than what we all are having? Are you trying to be different? Are you a bit posh? Is our company no longer good enough for you? Oh, so you're like that are you. You think you deserve something different than everyone else and you try to be a bit more fancier than the rest of us. Try to look different."


"There you are attaching a pretty bow on that. Painting on top of the color we all agreed on. Just to be stupidly different. By all means do that, but that means you no longer fit. You no longer are one of us. Go away."

People who are different deserve what they get because they try to be something else. They deserve ridiculing, frowning, mockery and most of all, they deserve to be left all alone. Right?



Alone in the room. Town. Country. World. Universe. Other people think that they did that to themselves. Made that happen. And they have only themselves to blame. Loneliness. Solitude. Desolation. They wanted to be yellow when everyone else were red. Red is acceptable. Or black. Or grey. But not yellow. The yellow person tried to be different, so the yellow one needs to be punished. Right?


And there the yellow is. Thinking that somewhere out there. Somewhere in the big world, in the vast universe there must be someone like they are. A different one. Perhaps yellow like they are. Or red. Red among all the yellow ones. Someone who wanted to be red. Wanted to be different. Or couldn't help not being different.

And on the other side of the universe...


...there's someone thinking: "If only I could be yellow instead of red. I didn't ask for this but this is what was given to me and now I'm stuck with it. If I could choose, I would be like everyone else and then I would fit. But I don't, so I'm alone."

Oh you poor thing. You think it's your fault. And you may even think that the one who chose your appearance is to blame. But that's not the case. We should blame those who do not accept you as you are. The way you were born and the way you want to be. It's their fault. And perhaps even some of them know they are wrong, but they are too scared to say it out loud. To disagree with the crowd. Because if they did, they would be discriminated.


Fit in or get out, they say. "The only color accepted is blue. Also you have to have a purpose and we all need to look to the same direction. Agree on things. You can only be this wide and if you wear out and become old, you will be replaced."


"...except the correct color is green! Purpose, yes, same direction, no, yes, yes, no, no... We think the blue group has too many things we can't agree on, color being the most important thing. And this is not negotiable, so this must mean that we are at war."*

And there they are. Mostly disagreeing on color. Both groups in their own place, space and time, but them knowing that someone is different, is enough to start a fight.


Then there are those who are different. Look different, act different.


But not too much of course. Different in a group that is, from your perspective as you are not part of that group, not that different at all. They say they are different and they disapprove others who openly say that they do not tolerate different people, ideas, actions. But from the comfort of their own group. Where everyone needs to be similar with the others in that group to get the support they want from each other. "What hypocrites!" you think.


"You're so square and intolerant. Arguing about minor things. Color is insignificant, albeit we happen to like orange. Shape is also not important, albeit we all like round and smooth lines. We are tolerant. Well educated and wise. We discuss this with other well educated and equally wise people. And we praise each other on how wise and educated we are. We also send ambassadors to educate those who lack knowledge. We give them information on how to be more like us. Tolerant and wise."

What a load of sh...

Where was I? Oh yes! Chairs.


You know the feeling when you go somewhere and you're looking for a place to sit and you are the only person there and all the chairs and seats and perhaps a sofa too, are available and you just can't decide where to sit? You're thinking that you really would like to go lie down on that sofa and straighten your legs and taking the space of three people, but that perhaps would be too weird and the cafeteria owner would disapprove if you did that. And then there's the fact that you bought coffee and cake and perhaps the sofa isn't that good place to lie in when drinking coffee. Same goes to the rocking chair, although you really would like to rock a little. Swinging and swaying fulfills your mind for a moment. Eventually you end up choosing something uncomfortable and hard to sit on, but your thoughts are still with the sofa and rocking chair and you end up inventing in your mind a sofa rocking chair that also is a hammock. Three in one. Perhaps also a cocoon. Four in one.
You don't know?
Well aren't you lucky.
You do not have any issues when choosing.


"Where are my knees supposed to go if I sit here?"


"Do I have coffee colored clothes on?"


And of course there's always that really, really wonderfully weird couple in some corner who like to dress alike... I mean two chairs that are really pretty and weird but were brought there just because of that, prettiness and to get attention and fill the tiny empty space left, and you can't actually use those because they are located so badly and you are not even sure if they were meant to be used or if they are good to sit on.

After about 1100 words I have to ask you, do you want me to continue?

Isn't anyone else in love with chairs?

Well, doesn't matter if you don't want me to continue. I will do that anyway and you can always stop reading.

I have more.

And then some.

Why divide all this to two or ten posts when you can release all thoughts out there at once.

Chair crazyness. Chairzy.

Chairzy, I'm chairzy for feeling so lonely
I'm chairzy, chairzy for feeling so blue


There are those chairs that from the corner of your eye, wiggle in to your thoughts and lure you to cuddle in their arms. To read a book. Not a phone or a tablet but a proper book. With pages. Drink something hot while reading. Or few sips of something that warms your throat and mind and for a moment kicks your depression out of this equation. Creates a warm, pink bubble around you.


And then there are those chairs that point out to you that your body is not meant to sit there and if you decide to do that anyway, despite all the warning signs, you shall not rise from it without help from outside the chairverse. Plus you get a neck injury as a bonus.


Perhaps there are those that you didn't think about that much when you first saw them. Neat. Not awesome, just neat.


But when you see the same thing again in another place and time, different color, almost 300 kilometers apart from the first one, you realize there must be some sort of a conspiracy going on. A nation wide conspiracy. Perhaps even a world wide and you firmly decide to go and investigate that benchgate further.


But you forget all about the government trying to control you and your thoughts when something provoking is thrown in front of your eyes. First thing in your mind is: "If I do not go and sit on that monster, everyone will know that I'm a wuss." And after you're done, you check if anyone saw you do that, are proud and ashamed of yourself at the same time and you think that you definitely should try to maintain some sort of balance in the world and go sit on something that suits better your age.


Nice, semicomfortable and civilized. Nothing too radical. Oh, how chairming!

But then you see something you know you are comfortable (almost) ending your post with. Something you could end your day in. And can't help thinking...


"Do I look wise in this?"

If you think this is about chairs, it isn't. If you think this was about people, it wasn't. If you think this could be about the world, thoughts, mind wondering and making everything better, it surely couldn't be. If you think this would be about photography, it won't be. It isn't what you want it to be, it isn't about posting, it isn't about quality, it isn't about connecting people. So what is left? Well, the only thing that most of us tackle with every day. You have something in your hands that you do not want to throw away because you think it could be useful some day. But after holding it for a while, you still cant put it anywhere or use it. So you just dump it somewhere in order to say to yourself: "There. The things put in this, time, money and natural resources were not wasted. That makes me a good person."

Not that keen on the music but the World Order sure does know how to perform.

If you can tell me which one of these chair / seat / bench photos is not photographed in Finland (only one is not), and you know where the photo of that one chair is taken, I will give you (the first one to know) all my EEK tokens. Oh, it seems I have none. Hmm... I will give you GEEK tokens. Not all. Some. Do I have those? ... Yes. Tiny amount. Hint included. If you know, you know.



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