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Introducing Indonesia Center [English Version]


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Indonesia Center’s Profile


Indonesia is an archipelagic country, lying between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Strategically located along major sea lanes connecting East Asia, South Asia, and Oceania. Topographically, it is surrounded by sea and mountains, as well as a large continental shelf (Sunda and Sahul shelf). This country also has the highest fold mountain in a tropical area. Indonesia also has a very deep (5,000+ meters) oceanic trench, named Banda trench.

The geography has helped Indonesia to become a prosperous country with rich natural resources such as soil fertility for the agricultural sector, fish, minerals, crude oils, and others. But, on the other hand, it also puts Indonesia in a dangerous position as well. The existence of tectonic faults, and volcanic activities under the sea trigger earthquakes and cause tsunamis to strike the country without warning.

Geographically, as it sits on the ring of fire, Indonesia has become a country where severe earthquakes have occurred, killing hundreds of thousands of people (Aceh tsunami in 2004, Lombok, Sulawesi, and the most recent one in Selat Sunda – 2018), damaging and destroying houses, public facilities, and infrastructure. These tragedies have caused heavy casualties as well as material losses that can affect the socio-economic community. Development planning has been hampered.

Recently, on 22nd December 2018, the eruption activities of Anak Krakatau Mountain have caused a landslide in the sea which triggered the tsunami that struck Banten and Lampung province.

Based on the infographic data source, released by Antara News, 25 Dec 2018, at 1.00 pm Indonesian time, there were about 429 deaths, 154 people missing, 16,082 people who became homeless refugees, 882 houses and 60 stores destroyed or heavily damaged. There may even be more victims who have not yet been found and recorded, so the toll may be even higher.

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Considering the situation above, Indonesia Center has been established with the aim of providing contributions to the survivors of the disasters as well as the people affected by the disasters. The contributions provided in the form of funding will be delivered to the target beneficiaries through the selected accountable Person in Charge (PIC) to ensure that the contributions get to the rightful beneficiaries.

The crowdfunding will be managed transparently using one of the applications in the Steem blockchain.

About Indonesia Center

Indonesia Center is a crowdfunding center for disaster victims based on the Steem Blockchain, and for the Independent Researcher bases, created on 27th December 2018, several days after the tsunami struck Banten and Lampung regions, Indonesia. It as established to support the victims/survivors of the disasters in Indonesia. By using the blockchain technology, Indonesia Center hopes that the transparency of funding management and delivery will be able to be monitored by everyone since the blockchain is a data storage which is accessible to everyone in the network, transparent, distributed and permanent, so that will not be able to be manipulated.

In the future, Indonesia Center will develop the researcher team for disaster mitigation, to explore the possibility of informing people regarding the disasters and provide any alternative (if possible) related to disaster risk reduction, so that we will be able to minimize the victims of disasters.

Indonesia Center is crowdfunding that is independent and neutral and is not used for the benefit of any party. Nonetheless, it will not limit the Indonesian Center from partnering with government agencies in the contribution of the valid data generated from research.

Target Activities

• The survivors of disasters
• People affected by the disasters
• Independent Researcher

Implementation Mechanism

Fund Collection

Crowdfunding will be in the form of Steem or SBD, collected from donation during the campaign delivered through

Funding Delivery

The Fund (Steem/SBD) collected will be converted into Rupiah, then transferred in several stages to the accountable PIC to deliver to the rightful target beneficiaries. The fund will be converted into Rupiah and sent to the trusted bank account once every two weeks if the fund reaches 100 Steem/SBD or more so that the PIC will be able to proceed to support the target beneficiaries.

Liquid funds of Steem/SBD obtained from the upvote after the payout process will be converted into Steem Power at 25% to maintain stability from Voting Mana and Resource Credit.


The report will be prepared by the Indonesia Center, including the receipts, pictures, and documents used/taken during the fund distribution process, as the responsibility from Indonesia Center side to ensure the transparency and reporting to donors.

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Form of the reports

Funding Source

Blockchain Ecosystem

There are lots of Steemians who join the Blockchain Communities, and these will be the source of the donation. is one of the best-known crowdfunding platforms based on the Steem Blockchain.

Personal donation

Steemit is a well-known social media and blogging platform, run on the Steem blockchain. It has users around the world, connected with each other through communities or personal Steemit blogs. Indonesia Center will also invite the Steemians to support the crowdfunding.

Budget Estimation

Details of the required budget costs will be displayed when the campaign begins.

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Form of Budget Estimation

Key Performance Indicator

Distributed fund evenly to those who deserve to get the fund.

How to Participate

If you want to take part in lightening the burden of the victims of the disaster or those affected by the disaster, please direct your help in the form of Steem / SBD to the Indonesia Center account by giving a note of “Sumbangan Korban Bencana”.Distributed fund evenly to those who have the right to get the fund.

By delegating part of the Steem Power that you have to @indonesia-center account so that the stability of Mana Voting and Resource Credit is maintained.

At this time (urgent) we will focus on raising funds for tsunami victims in the Banten and Lampung regions, for those who want to make a donation, to be more specific, please include the note "Sumbangan Tsunami Banten dan Lampung" and send to the @indonesia-center wallet. It will make it easier to make an accountability report if the funds have been distributed, and your upvote will help too. After that, we will attach data from all contributors to the report that will be posted every two weeks.

Indonesia Center will also pay the services for a person who makes the Indonesia Center logo of 200,000 IDR is equal to 14.14 USD and we will take the funds from donations collected after being liquid into Indonesian rupiahs.

Thanks for everyone who are helping Indonesia Center, especially to the @oracle-d team which has helped speed up the process of creating this account.

Indonesia Center
Indonesia, 9 January 2019


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