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Dwell on Your Highlights


3 months agoBusy3 min read

You know how in sports they'll show these highlight reels of the best moments of a game (I say this not having watched sports in many years, but I suspect they still do it.) Well each day also provides you with highs and lows from which you can assemble a sort of highlight reel for your day.

Yesterday I took an extra half hour getting to sleep, simply because I didn't want to stop replaying my highlight reel from yesterday.

I have not been on STEEM much lately, but that's because I've been getting a lot done. Yesterday I realized I had pretty much crossed off my entire to do list other than things I really need to wait until my final week here to do, and the daily packing. And for the daily packing I'm on schedule without it stressing me at all... though I'm still getting a bit physically sore from all the activity.

Good Encouragement

It's important to not just rehash again and again the things we need to do. A lot of people do that. They keep reminding themselves to do the same things at times they can't actually just go ahead and do it. What a waste.

So much more productive is to rehash things already accomplished. Really bask in your own glory!

When I do this I find myself really encouraged and more energized to do even more. I see how I'm making progress and it builds faith that if I just keep doing what I'm doing, I will continue seeing great results.

When I focus only on what is left undone, I don't feel like doing anything. In fact, I can tell when I've carved out too much for myself to do in a day by the fact that I procrastinate doing anything at all. That's a sure sign I simply need to plan to do less, so that I can end the day feeling once again encouraged by my progress. So long as any real deadlines are taken care of, there really is a lot of flexibility on pacing for much of what we do.

Have you noticed a tendency in yourself to always seem to be rushing through what you're doing, even if there isn't any deadline approaching?

I think a lot of us have this tendency to be always leaning hard into the future, rather than taking a relaxing and enjoyable ride within the present. I don't think you get more done by rushing. You just miss the enjoyment of the act of doing.

By combining paying attention to the enjoyment of what you're doing while you do it, with reflecting at days end on all that was accomplished and how happy it made you along the way, I think we give ourselves the optimal conditions for accomplishing the most and enjoying the most in our lives.

Now back to packing for me. Today is "pack up the 2 clothes closets" day.



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