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READ! VOTE! RESTEEM! Your opinion is valuable for the development of a joint marketing and PR-strategy for Steem.


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This is a call-to-action. The experience and opinion of as many Steemians as possible is needed to set up a good action plan for the future of the Steem. So please:

Read! Vote! Resteem! And earn some Steem in doing so.

Why would anyone use Steem longterm?

What would help achieving more loyal users on Steem?

Giving answers to these two questions is the first step to develop a marketing and PR strategy for the Steem ecosystem.

Which of the given answers are the right ones? Which ideas should be turned into action? There is no central authority to decide on this. Therefore, a decentralised way is needed to find out. How to design such a decision pathway, is a real headscratcher. Within the SOS-discord @bigtom13 @bluerobo @imacryptorick @pennsif @rycharde @starkerz @shadowspub and me @traveller7761 have tackled this challenge.

Here is our invitation to everybody to participate in developing a strategy for Steem.

Step 1 is the ideation phase. It takes place within SOS-forum no 5. @bigtom13 will follow the forum closely and identify the answers, participants give to the two questions on "Why?" and "What?". Please tune in on January 24th 08.00PM in the PAL-discord: on MSP-waves.

Step 2 is about opinion-building. Your opinion matters! Please help identify, which of the given answers are most promising in terms of impact and feasibility. Which actions should be followed further? To do so, polls have been set up on Friday, January 25th, using the results of step 1.

Step 3 How to transform an opinion on strategy into action?
The results of the polls will be posted on Thursday, January 31st and presented in SOS-forum no 6. We invite you all to take them into account for your future action plans.

To give you an idea of what this will look like: here are the results of the test run from forum no 3. Topic was the development of DApps on Steem.
Portfolio Steem 2 test result.png

How to read this? The best fields of action are in the upper-right corner. According to the tossed votes most impactful and feasible are “Joint marketing of the DApps” and “Facilitating of onboarding”.

17 Steemians took part in this test run, which is good for a test. To achieve a reliable result for marketing and PR we’d need somewhat more participants. And that’s where you may become part of this.

Take part in our Raffle!

Vote and Resteem! Among those who have voted on the polls (changed 24-01 01.05 PM UTC+1) and resteemed this post until Sunday January 27th 22 PM UTC five times 20 STEEM will be raffled. (changed from three to four 24-01 12.17 to five 24-01 16.13)

Take part in our contest “Build a Steem strategy”!

Write a post, take a video, design an invitation - whatever animates people to vote. The best contribution will receive an award of 60 STEEM. Criteria will be “content quality” and “strength of the call to action”. Only contributions with a link to them posted in the comment section of this post until Sunday January 27th 22 PM UTC will be taken into account.

Contest and raffle have been made possible through STEEM contributions of @shredz7 @darlenys @rycharde @bigtom13 and @traveller7761. Please feel free to make this even more attractive by adding more contributions.


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