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Call to action: make Steem attractive for social and environmental change-influencers.


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2.5 trillion dollars – that's the size of the yearly investment gap to achieve United Nations’ Global Goals. Our vision is to close this gap by empowering global engagement of the Millenials. Open to everybody else as well, naturally. To do so, we'll make co-creation and funding of social and environmental projects much easier than it is nowadays.
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Our aim is a social network of change-influencers, utilizing Steem blockchain. STEEM will be used as incentive for social and environmental engagement and as currency for global donation transfers.


We have already prepared onboarding of some Non-Steemians. Let's jointly set up an inviting and inspiring surrounding for them to enter. This requires only two actions. Please, choose what suits you best:

Action 1: Join the discord of ImpactN. It is designed as a place where Steemians meet Non-Steemians. It's a place where ideas and projects may grow. And finally, it's a place for those who want to participate in setting up this social network on Steem.

Action 2: Present your project and make it visible to everybody - Steemians and Non-Steemians. On @impactn-projects we've created a place to discover (and donate to) social and environmental projects on Steem. If you're a project owner, please answer these short questions. Next step: we'll create a blog post for you on @impactn-projects.

What's in there for you?

For projects:

Funding and rewards. Author rewards for your blog post on @impactn-projects will be completely transferred to you.
Access to co-creators and donors. You're project will be visible with its own blog entry on @impactn-projects. Apart from that we'll do regular reports on your progress as well.
Access to methods to display your social impact. Donors and investors increasingly ask projects to prove their social impact. We'll assist you in meeting this challenge.

For Steemians:

Get engaged in creating impact for the better of people and planet.
Make Steem even greater! Enjoy the community!

Please leave any question or remark in the comments. This is an MVP, preparing us to develop a DApp to make this social network even more beautiful. We love critical comments to make this a success.

Small tag-fest

We leave some tags to impactful projects on Steem we would be happy to onboard soon. Thank you for your engagement. And if you know about others - please give them and us a hint. This list is by far not meant to be exhaustive ad will be updated regularly. We've just started our research on Steem.
@appropriatetech @cleanplanet @chrisaiki (ventureo) @ecoswell @girlsfoundation @sc-v (breadfromheaven) @sdg1 @thegreens @treeplanter

Support this project:

Delegate Steem Power to @impactn. ImpactN will utilise Steem Power to vote on impact-rich posts and posts describing this journey. (How to do so? Thanks to @justinchase)

Donate Steems / SBDs to @impactn-donation to support impact-rich projects. Or donate directly to the projects posted by @impactn-projects.

Be a sponsor for the development of ImpactN by transferring Steems / SBDs to @impactn.


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