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Our @walkofhope Proposal to Fundition


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First of all, this proposal was sent to 5 days ago and still awaiting their feedback. As our target dates are on September time to raise funds is a bit limited but due to donations received plus @walkofhope funds, what we have now can be used for the project as our artists will be leaving for Kabankalan City a couple of days before the 15th. A Facebook friend who is a non-practicing Steemian has also donated PHP 500, about $10. We can MOVE with what we have.

Just to share to you guys the content of our Fundition proposal here, this to save me from posting a similar one. Cheers!

Similar to @walkofhope's Art Workshop to the out-of-school youth last April in Bayawan City in Negros Oriental, a creative in Kabankalan City has been in contact with @flabbergast-art to collaborate with a family-owned foundation who have 60 scholar students who are in danger of losing their scholarships, with their parents not having enough funds for their schooling.

Create Livelihood for 30 scholar students

Rather than constanly receiving donations or help from the Foundation, our youth can be taught bamboo local crafts and innovations that are in demand in the market today. Kabankalan like Bayawan is also rich in BAMBOO where new innovations can be made to help fill the demand. There is a market for these products in Negros Province where my stay in Bayawan City last June has shown me that there is less manpower to create the supply.

An art workshop in Kabankalan will create livelihood for those kids and their earnings will sustain their schooling.

Although there are 60 scholars, there will be 30 attendees for our workshop. As the kids are desperate for jobs, they are the priority right now. Another workshop is being planned for the parents as it is being arranged by the Creatives of Kabankalan City.

Bamboo crafts during the Bayawan's Plastic Waste Solutions Summit.

I have taken out our Funding list and breakdown in this post.

Advocacy on Ecology

With our 2 artists having their own advocacies, @flabbergast-art believes that Arts and Culture is the soul of a nation. With his talent in painting and creating arts plus his use of his indigenous musical instruments, who in his own way wants to impart to every Filipino. #tataydagsa is our other artist who have travelled the country promoting his advocay of Share the road, clean the air.

Together, these two can bring HOPE by bringing Music and Arts and create livelihood to our less fortunate Filipinos.


Our artists @flabbergast-art and #tataydagsa during the coastal clean-up in Bayawan City. #moreFishnotPlastics

Previous posts of @walkofhope have shown our two guys advocating More Fish, not Plastics with coastal clean-ups and with their recent participations on Plastic Waste Solutions Summit and with Bamboo Nation 3 with some Indonesian delegates.

Utilising the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, promoting Steem and Steemit

Although @walkofhope started as the charity arm of Steemit Philippines with its' mission to promote the platform through our charity events, distributing STEEMIT PHILIPPINES flyers with the belief that this platform can be an income-generating source for most Filipinos and the world. In saying that, we believe that this platform can also be a place for ADVOCACIES, where different voices from all over the world can be heard.

During our Painting on Skimboard and Flat Skimboarding competitions in Bayawan City last June, funded by Steem.

Now, with the economic set-up in the Philippines, more and more Filipinos are now hard-up in accessing education due to financial restraints. Although there are NGO charities and foundations who are willing to help, the Steemit platform and Fundition can help more in having projects that create livelihood as this is more sustaining and beneficial to those who we try to help. In this way, the cycle of poverty will be eradicated.

This @walkofhope project intends to change lives for the better utilising the blockchain of Steemit and cryptocurrencies.

Together with @flabbergast-art, we as the founders of @walkofhope want to encourage every Filipino and Steemian's support for this project. Our @walkofhope Family appreciates all the support from all Steemians.We can only be successful with everyone's support, especially the FUNDITION Team. Any collaborators who wants to help @walkofhope can reach me anytime.


Latest update before the Kabankalan workshop

Don't artists stay still? Let's see what @flabbergast-art was up to yesterday.

This is a bamboo lamp with a cloth tail, i have not seen the result as he's not finished as yet. Apparently, this bamboo lamp will be also taught to the kids in Kabankalan.

A friend of mine kind of asked on what market we will be looking at for the finished bamboo products. The information I got was that, our Creative contact in Kabankalan has already made an arrangements with shops in Bacolod City and Iloilo City. Like in Bayawan City, #tataydagsa as one of the Creatives in Bayawan City has an arrangement with an eco-shop in Dumaguete city, whose owner has another 2 shops outside the main city. How it works, products are bought per piece for the shops straight from Bayawan where they only needed to be collected post production.

From what I have seen when I was in Bayawan City, production was less due to less manpower to supply the demand. Our workshop in Kabankalan will produce manpower, making sure that products made will have QUALITY. This assurance is coming from @flabbergast-art.

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