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9 Small Investment Ideas Better Than Cash


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Cash is good but there are many better options than cash. Keeping cash in your home is all good for the bad time. I'm going to talk about the cash which you wanted to hold for a long so you can diversify it. These are some investments for 10 years of the time period so don't think you're gonna earn a profit after some time. You can also use that for alternative currencies. If you are willing to invest your extra cash in some worthy things then,

Here you go,


Gold holding a real charm. Everyone is attracting to it of all age groups especially ladies are dying for it. You can convert your cash into gold by buying original gold from the shop. Keep it in the safest place in the long run because the price of gold is always increasing. You can also use it as an alternative currency option, let's say, you have to pay cash for a property or something else then you can offer it to the seller. You may earn a lot of profit after ten years if you hold it.


Another option to invest cash into Silver which is also increasing every year a little. It's cheap when you will buy but its value may increase in the future. You can buy it and hold it or you can use it as an alternative currency option. I believe this is a good investment instead of keeping the amount in the bank.


In my region, the bricks were so cheap 5 years ago then the price of bricks always increased every 5 months or a year. You can buy a lot of bricks which are used in building a house if you have enough place to hold it. You can easily cash out later on if you want the money back. This is a good investment for those who can keep it in the place if they have.


You all are familiar with BITCOIN and we all are witnessed that the price of BTC is increasing day by day. It was about a few bucks in 2009 which it was born, now you can see how much it has increased in value. You can buy it for your cash and hold it in a secure wallet then forget it for some years. You will be surpassed that how's your money turned into double or triple, or maybe 10x. This cryptocurrency will never die so make sure you are holding some of it.


It's all about established businesses that need partnership. You can be a silent partner by investing 1% or more than according to your capacity. This way, you will be earning some profit from dividends every year by doing nothing. Let's say, if the business is earning 1 lakh per year as a profit then your 1% will be giving you 1k. This can never be done by everyone. You have to be tight with your paperwork and sharp to ask for your rights.


You have a place where you can grow some trees. Trees can be fruitful or simple ones. It takes a few years to grow. You can invest a little in growing trees. After a few years, you can sell its wood or fruits to people who need it. Let's say if you are investing 1 lakh on the growth of trees then you may get back 15 lakhs after 10 years by selling its wood.


You have another option to spend your liquid money on land. Buy some cheap lands outside of the city. Later on, the price will touch its highs when that land will turn into community or housing schemes. The price of land is always increasing. It never comes down. If you are buying land with some flaws in it outside of the population then you can do multiple things on that land e.g. growing trees as I said above.


Honey is sweet liquid from the honeybees. Honey can never be rotten. It lasts fresh for years and years. You can even use it as an alternative to sugar. The price of honey is increasing and decreasing by the time but its price is continuously increasing each year. You can buy or save it for years then you sell back to people to earn more than your investment.


You can buy foreign currency as an alternative to your currency because the price of other countries is increasing ad decreasing. It's the best option to keep your cash like this instead of holding in banks who can be bankrupted anytime. Later on, you can convert back to your local currency whenever you want.

With this piece of article, I am going to leave. Before thinking about becoming rich, you need to be a happy person. Take care of your family and spend quality time with them.
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