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The Colorful Crocodile Backpack


10 months agoBusy2 min read

first backpack 2.JPG
I started out wanting to learn new patterns and settled down on** the crocodile stitches**. After watching different techniques or ways of crocheting the crocodile stitches, I finally knew what I wanted to do.

first backpack.jpg
Inspired by @tali72 backpack, and I so desired to conquer this challenge, thus, I set out to crochet my first backpack!

first backpack 3.JPG
I played with the colors, crochet, undo, redo, crochet again until I am happy how the colors worked out.

first backpack 4.JPG
Since I am a little on the picky side, and always want to have many pockets inside a bag; I put in two pockets to hold little things.

first backpack 1.JPG
I had no lining inside the bag because the pattern I followed, didn't have it! Also, this is my first time crocheting a backpack, I want to have a thorough understand and experience with it!

first backpack 6.JPG
I crochet the straps, the front flap, and sew them on! I like the way it turned out. I also crochet the drawstring and add the beads.

first backpack 5.JPG
This is my finished FIRST BACKPACK, in crocodile stitches/pattern! I have gained some experiences and have learned what not to do in my next bag! For example, instead of double crochet stitches for the bottom of the bag, I should have done the single crochet stitches so the spaces are not too big for things to fall out!

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