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The london cryptocurrency show in london : How did it go ?


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This weekend has been a pretty crazy one, thanks to promo-steem I was able to come to london and give a talk with @fredrikaa about steempress.

SteemPress is a wordpress plugin co founded by @fredrikaa and I to allow you to automatically publish your articles on the STEEM blockchain whenever you publish them on your blog :

We usually post on the @steempress-io account so make sure to follow it to get all the updates :)

Anyways we were there for the whole weekend and I am currently chilling in the hotel room waiting for my plane back.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-14 at 14.51.34.jpeg

So how did it go ?


I left paris on friday, as I wanted to make sure that I would be there fresh in the morning for the show. The departure was a chaotic one, right now there are some train strikes in France, and I had to go back home from work to get my luggage, which caused me to go late, I ran basically all the way from my home to the airport. I literally arrived a the airport when the guy said "Embarkment is now closed" but I managed to slip through :D

The whole time I was in pain because my shoe was litterally digging into my feet. I'm sparing you the pictures but it's not pretty.

After a few iterations of "where the fuck am I going ?" and "Ah there's a train" in london, I got to the hotel where the show is happening. I wanted to stay there since the show is litterally downstairs.

I arrived first and then met with @fredrikaa who arrive after a few hours. I had already eaten but I went with him to eat somewhere. I was suprised that a mcflurry was only 0.89£ (it's more like 2.5 euros in france) so I expected it to be super small, and ordered 2.


It was not

But I love ice cream so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, after that we went back and actually saw a few steemians, namely @anarcotech, @starkerz @redrica @ashtv and others in the lounge grabbing a beers. We had a few beers with them and then all went to sleep.



Saturday was the big day ! We had a debriefing at 8:30 so we woke up at 7 to get some breakfast outside


After a quick debrief we put our suits on, and started to prepare for the steempress talk. As talkers we got access to the "speaker lounge" Which was a really neat place where you could get a few treats and drink tea/cofee while preparing. IMG_20180414_094842.jpg

Although we did most of our preparation in our hotel room.

Then came the time to do the talk. We got filmed by quite a few people but it's not available yet, Thankfully utopian did a live so you can see our talk here :

but you'll soon get a video with better sound though but the live gives you a great overview of the event.

We also later did a q&a with the viewers


It was really cool to get to meet so many steemians, the event had quite a lot of people interested in crypto and the promo steem stand was full the whole time, it looks like we really were the most attractive blockchain here.

We also saw a lot of interesting talks from a lot of actors in the crypto scene.


(this is not photoshopped, the guy actually showed a sandal to talk about crypto trading)

I got to hang with a lot of steemians, do a few interviews. And talk extensively about steem and what the future holds for it.

Overall it was a very very interesting event. Here are a few photos from it.


Afterwards we got together with a few steemians and got pretty drunk in the hotel lounge. and we all signed a board with messages


Can you find my message ?

As you can see a lot of people were present :
@buttpacker @ezzy @fredrikaa @cryptocurator @adetorrent @gillianpearce @yensesa @mrs.steemit @nanzo-scoop @justyy @dannyshine and @lloyddavis @dunsky @elear etc etc etc. There were so many people that I can't list them all :D

Anyways, we got pretty drunk, I got together with people from the show namely and It was incredibely interesting to see that everyone has its own take on how blockchain can/should revolutionize the world and what's their plan for it.


I woke up with a hangover. We had decided the day before that we would be getting a proper english breakfast with @anarcotech, @starkerz and @fredrikaa

And we did !


And then we got back to the hotel where I'm writing this post now. :)


In conclusion it was a GREAT event, I've had so much fun and it's been so productive, and it's all thanks to promo-steem, so if you haven't checked them out, please do. I believe these guys are really pushing steem upwards and we should all be supporting such an initiative.

Steem on !


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