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Your life basically hinges on many factors; among which are; your patience and your disposition when you are expecting for something good to happen to you, and also your relationship with people when you feel you have gotten what you want. In your relationship with people; the way you relate to your bosses is not as important as how you relate with your subordinates - because that is where the test for your humility lies.

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As a matter of fact, your humility is not a function of your relationship with your superiors; of course, if your relate rudely to them, they might get you fired. But how well do you relate to your nanny, your gardener, your chef, your driver, your employees? Now, that is what matters a lot. The truth is; if your are only nice to the people that can get you fired, then you are not nice in the first place.

Imagine if everyone treats you how you treat your nanny, would you feel comfortable? If your answer is in the negative, then you should retrace your steps. Before you unleash that cruelty on your subordinates, first ask yourself this question "will I be happy if my boss unleashes this kind of cruelty on me? If you are not sure of the answer, then you need to pause for a while.

The truth is; what you do to people because you feel your are privileged to do it would definitely find a way to come back to you. That is why you need to relate with everyone as you would love for every other person to relate with you. And when you do this, you would be surprise how beautiful humanity and humankind can be.

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