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Dead Projects on Steem


9 months agoSteemit2 min read

Let us have some fun by mentioning projects that have gone silent or dead on Steem. Please share your views about these projects. Is Steem not a better platform for them? Were they created with the intention to farm Steem? Do we need any of these projects on the #NewSteem? Let's hear from you.


Zappl is a Twitter-like platform built on Steem. After Misterdelegation delegated 500K SP, they gained huge hype since it was easy to use platform and earn rewards. Zappl failed to maintain their prospect which made them lost their delegation. A few weeks after this, Zappl server started to be unstable and the end begins!



Daminia is a Meme sharing platform and well known to Steemians last year. Bernie has been against Dmania from the onset and after Dmania avid user equil3br*** made a huge post with proof of how the owner Zombie is raping Steem with the 500K SP delegated by Steem Inc, the delegation was taken and its top users who have delegated SP withdrawn their Delegations. That's how the end of Dmania begins!


Dlive was known as a live streaming platform on Steem. Dlive is one of the biggest Steem rapist and exit scam. They got millions of Steem Power delegation from Steem Inc and used Steem blockchain as a test platform. After some time they quit Steem and sent out their huge Steem earned through the delegated SP to start their own platform.


Utopian is one of the best projects on Steem. Utopian rewarded many open source contributors but after their Indiegogo campaign, Utopian claimed they are changing how they operate and requested Steem Inc to take their delegations. They promise to return to Steem in the future 🤔


Partiko is one of the best mobile apps on Steem made for both both Android and iOS with ads. While some users were asking how Partiko makes money to run their apps (Do they sell users data?) All of the sudden, Partiko team went silent 😶 and their app has been unstable for months. While their bot account still votes and comment on users' posts. There's has been speculation that Partiko's creator cryptotalk is now focusing on Buzz app and abandoned @partiko!



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