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Why does Warren and Sanders hate poor people so much?


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

Warren's worldview and its consequences are not that different from those of Sanders: punish the global poor in the name of supposed "justice" and attempting (and failing) to protect the jobs of much better off American workers. This is a completely regressive policy that will slow, if not halt, the amazing progress that has been made against global poverty. It will also impoverish Americans, especially the least well off who will lose access to cheaper imports that enable them to live better.

Again, I ask of both Warren and Sanders: why do you hate poor people so much?

"Poor countries tend to have fewer rules for both working conditions and the environment. For example, economist Alan Krueger found that as per capita incomes begin to rise, child labor rapidly vanishes. As countries get richer, local pollution (though not carbon emissions) also tend to decline. That’s consistent with the U.S.’s own history -- horrific industrial accidents, terrible pollution and awful labor standards were all common when the nation was in its early stages of development.

So as developing countries get richer, their citizens will generally demand cleaner air and water and safer, more humane working conditions -- just as happened in the U.S. But closing off U.S. markets to developing-country products could stymie this process."


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