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Racism vs Socialism.


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

Racism versus socialism. It's not the choice I'd like, but it's the choice we apparently face. Some permutations:

Far left: "Socialism, duh."

Far right: "Racism, duh."

Centre left: "I don't necessarily want socialism, but I'll accept much greater federal control over the economy to avoid some especially ugly speech and symbolism from our leaders."

But this is disingenuous, because the centre left has always wanted more economic control. It's no sacrifice on their part. It's just getting what they wanted through an expedient.

Centre right: "Symbols are worthless; the economy matters, even--or especially--for the marginalised. I don't want to wreck the economy just because Trump says bad words."

But: This centre-right position is similarly disingenuous as applied to the real world, because the Trump administration has done much more in the direction of white nationalism than just saying bad words. And many on the centre-right do not view, or will not describe, these measures as "white nationalist" at all.

There appears to be no constituency for one possible (and obvious) choice, namely a free and dynamic economy in which racism is universally rejected as something akin to a pseudoscience or a bad habit, like astrology or fortune telling.

To this lonely way of thinking, racism is not just one legitimate political viewpoint among many, with which compromise might be profitably reached. It's an utterly failed ideology, and in this it resembles nothing so much as our main alternative, socialism.

Such a position would entail a relationship with the rest of the world in which the United States serves as a refuge for people of all nations. It would be one where our laws welcome guests, foreigners, and new Americans with ease and confidence--and where new businesses are treated likewise. Both of these, rightly understood, are the dishonoured secrets to our success.


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