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Is Trump really THAT unprecedentedly bad?


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So you think Trump is uniquely and unprecedentedly bad? Let's consider some of our past presidents.

Jackson: Forced Indians off their lands and out to a foreign land on the Trail of Tears.

Polk: Misled Congress into thinking the U.S. was invaded so he could launch a war, and conquer and keep half of another country's territory.

Wilson: Re-segregated the federal workforce.

Roosevelt: Rounded up Americans based on their ethnicity and put them in camps; turned away refugees who ended up in death camps; let his administration create New Deal policies that were explicitly racist.

Johnson: Told Congress that a navy ship that was engaged in an act of war in North Vietnamese waters and was unmolested had been attacked while sailing peacefully in international waters to get a blank check for war.

Nixon: Impounded funds and obstructed justice.

Reagan: Allowed a rogue operation in his administration that illegally sold weapons to a country that had committed acts of war against us and illegally funnelled the money to terrorists.

Clinton: The first president to go to war in the face of direct congressional refusal to authorise action.

Bush: Lied to the American public to get support for invading another country, spied on the American people, covered up torture.

Obama: Spied on the American people, claimed the right to execute Americans without due process, killed numerous innocent people through the increased use of drone warfare, attacked the free press by subpoenaing phone records of the AP, and worked for government secrecy by prosecuting more whistle-blowers than all previous presidents combined.

Is Trump bad? Yes. He's a man who enjoys cruelty, loves authoritarianism, and undermines liberal democracy.

Is he unprecedented? How much do you really know about prior presidents?


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