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Homesteaders Coop - Here to Get You On-board and established on Steem, Being Part of an Alternative Economy...

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First off what is STEEM?

What is an alternative economy and how is it connected to STEEM?

It is an alternative to the traditional economy, being separate from it and operating independently of it.
In can come from cryptocurrencies and the blockchains which could be used as payment method independent from centralized institutions and authorities. These alternative currencies can supplant conventional currencies and be used as a value of exchange.

Homesteaders Coop operates in this alternative economy for it is an International, community based marketplace where it's vendors can accept STEEM, SBD, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) along with the USD and additionally vendors can partake in bartering which is an alternative to the traditional means of exchange.

Homesteaders Coop has taken things one step further choosing people over profit and cooperative over corporation. Also being a community based marketplace it has more opportunity to choose how they want to operate.

Starting out as a way to support Steemians who were making and growing their own food and other homemade goods, giving them a place to sell and even barter their goods, it has steadily grown and evolved to being able to allowing every single Steemian the opportunity to sell their work, with out having to identity with the term 'homesteader'. It is now for everyone who is consider buying or selling within an ethical marketplace tied to an alternative currency with no middle man and no fees.

If this interest you and you want to find out more, visit the Homesteaders Coop venue at their site You will find that the Homesteaders Coop community is eager to get you on-boarded to Steem, and established, ready to partake in this alternative economy.
To help you in your Steem journey we have for you to flip through "An Introduction to Steem and a Gateway to Cryptocurrency"

Introduction to STEEM and a gateway to cryptocurrency 788 x 788.jpg

Come join in the discussion on operating in an alternative economy on the Homesteaders Coop Forum

Homesteaders Co-op

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Shop with pride: Our vendors are committed to sustainability for a healthier planet. As a Co-operative we are community run. And unlike other marketplaces our vendors are not charged fees or commissions. Vendors: Learn more

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