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Steemmonsters: what is it even good for... well, everything!


10 months agoBusy4 min read

A long time ago far far away in a distant galaxy when I first heard about @steemmonsters. It all felt a bit gimmicky to me and I was fast to judge it, or just not show any interest in it. Something about it just made me feel a bit like "okay, cool another card game, so what?"

I was not at all interested in steemmonsters in the beginning, but there was something in me getting hooked the moment I started getting a few of those cards. I could not resist buying a few extra packs... Because what if I could get that cool legendary dragon card. It made me realize if I got hooked onto it despite actually thinking it seemed silly, most likely MANY other people would get hooked.

But now when I found it doing a Kickstarter I guess I had to check it out for real what Steemmonsters is all about.

I gotta admit these guys got something cool going for them and in all honesty, this could become extremely beneficial for the steem blockchain.

Why would a card game be big for steem?
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A true feeling of collecting

We all love collecting, we did it when we were kids, we do it as adults. Collecting is fun and addictive. Collective card games are no exception to this.

But with the power of the steem blockchain, they just made this digital card game feel almost as a physical card game. Once they are printed and you have brought them, just like steem, nobody can take them away from you. They are yours to do with however you please and THAT gives a feeling of true ownership. Your collection is yours and just like when you ran around in primary school with your proud pokemon card collection, you will now show off on the steemblockchain. We all will be kids once again!

Not only that but you can keep track of how many of your cards are in circulation, f.eks. I brought a few boosters packs to try it out and got a legendary on my first pack(lol). I went directly in to check how popular it was and made me feel cool that currently there were only 1000 others of the same card in circulation. It makes some cards feel truly unique since you know and sees how many others have the same card as you.

It is just an amazing way to make you feel you are holding something valuable and the less there are, the more people want it and eventually, you can sell it to another buyer if you wish to do so (if you dare). Thus, making the trading part of the game truly exciting.

Another entrance to the steem blockchain

I always felt this was important and I actually talked about it in one of my recent posts. The fact that is the face of the steem blockchain is a problem. Why? Because in all honesty, is nothing truly mind-blowing, in fact, it has some old school feeling to it that is quite charming, but not very convenient for getting people into the blockchain.

But now people don't have to want to blog to be part of it. Now people might join in through @steemmonsters instead. THAT is massive if you ask me. A good incentive for gamers and collectors alike to join in on the fun.

We have to see the Steem blockchain as more than just blogging or videos and @steemmonsters is a great example on how to expand these borders!
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Go and support their Kickstarter!

Right now as we speak @steemmonsters are doing a Kickstarter and it just reached its goal! Until d. 1. of October exclusive alpha packs are available and it is a great time to get some truly unique cards that might even be worth a lot in the future if the game goes right!

I brought for about 50 steem worth of packs, (YES, you can pay in credit, SBD and Steem(plus some others cryptos).



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