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update for beem: preperation for HF24 (eclipse)


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beem is a python library and command line tool for HIVE. The current version is 0.24.4.

There is also a discord channel for beem:

The newest beem version can be installed by:

pip install -U beem

Check that you are using hive nodes. The following command

beempy updatenodes --hive

updates the nodelist and uses only hive nodes. After setting hive as default_chain, beempy updatenodes can be used.

The list of nodes can be checked with

beempy config


beempy currentnode

shows the currently connected node.

Changelog for versions 0.24.4

  • add get_replace_hive_by_steem() to Hive(), for transition from HF23 to HF24 on HIVE

  • Replace HIVE by STEEM and SBD by HBD only when Hive HF < 24

  • Replace steem and sbd parameter names for Hive HF >= 24 by hive and hbd

  • Add get follow list to Account (only for HIVE and HF >= 24)

  • Add BLURT, SMOKE and VIZ chain_id

  • Remove not used STEEM chains (STEEMZERO and STEEMAPPBASE)

  • Improve chain detection

  • rshares_to_token_backed_dollar, get_token_per_mvest, token_power_to_vests, token_power_to_token_backed_dollar
    and vests_to_token_power have been added for chain independent usage

  • New beempy command followlist, which can be used on HIVE to receive info about follow lists

  • Fix beempy info on Hive

  • Use Hive() on beempy when default_chain is set to "hive"

  • Fix more Token symbols in beempy

  • Fix unittest and add more unit tests

Prepare beem for HF 24 (eclipse)

Currently, STEEM and SBD are internally used to broadcasting operations on Hive which including an amount as parameter. There are also some parameter names in operations that include steem or sbd.

In the next HF 24 (ecplise), all will be renamed to HIVE/HBD and hive/hbd.

Beem does now support Hive HF23 and Hive HF24. There is a temporary function call get_replace_hive_by_steem() is is True on HF23 and False on HF24. I'm using this as test when to replacing all steem/sbd with hive/hbd.

When HF24 took place, I will remove this check and make the replacement with hive/hbd permanent.

A node running HF24 can be set with

beempy set nodes

A first test:

beempy transfer -a holger80 beembot 0.001 HIVE test

looks good:

    "expiration": "2020-06-29T19:56:04",
    "ref_block_num": 28926,
    "ref_block_prefix": 826483934,
    "operations": [
                "from": "holger80",
                "to": "beembot",
                "amount": "0.001 HIVE",
                "memo": "test"
    "extensions": [],
    "signatures": [
    "trx_id": "991b773129b0b04fe56c6b89a6ceb23971d89701"

Broadcasting a post was not yet possible on, I will investigate and fix this.

Tags to replace

The following list shows all parameter that will be replaced:

  "STEEM_"                            : "HIVE_",
  "SBD_"                              : "HBD_",
  "steem"                             : "hive",
  "sbd"                               : "hbd",
  "reblogged_on"                      : "reblog_on",
  "sbd_interest_rate"                 : "hbd_interest_rate",
  "percent_steem_dollars"             : "percent_hbd",
  "current_sbd_supply"                : "current_hbd_supply",
  "init_sbd_supply"                   : "init_hbd_supply",
  "sbd_print_rate"                    : "hbd_print_rate",
  "sbd_start_percent"                 : "hbd_start_percent",
  "sbd_stop_percent"                  : "hbd_stop_percent",
  "sbd_volume"                        : "hbd_volume",
  "steem_volume"                      : "hbd_volume",
  "steem_revision"                    : "hive_revision",
  "sbd_exchange_rate"                 : "hbd_exchange_rate",
  "last_sbd_exchange_update"          : "last_hbd_exchange_update",
  "reward_sbd_balance"                : "reward_hbd_balance",
  "reward_steem_balance"              : "reward_hive_balance",
  "reward_vesting_steem"              : "reward_vesting_hive",
  "savings_sbd_balance"               : "savings_hbd_balance",
  "savings_sbd_last_interest_payment" : "savings_hbd_last_interest_payment",
  "savings_sbd_seconds"               : "savings_hbd_seconds",
  "savings_sbd_seconds_last_update"   : "savings_hbd_seconds_last_update",
  "sbd_balance"                       : "hbd_balance",
  "sbd_last_interest_payment"         : "hbd_last_interest_payment",
  "sbd_seconds"                       : "hbd_seconds",
  "sbd_seconds_last_update"           : "hbd_seconds_last_update",
  "pending_rewarded_vesting_steem"    : "pending_rewarded_vesting_hive",
  "total_reward_fund_steem"           : "total_reward_fund_hive",
  "total_vesting_fund_steem"          : "total_vesting_fund_hive",
  "percent_hive_dollars"              : "percent_hbd"

Replace more SP, steem and sbd related functions

I created blockchain independent function at the BlockchainInstance class, which are then implemented in Hive() and Steem().
The following functions are now available on Hive() and Steem() objects:

  • rshares_to_token_backed_dollar()
  • get_token_per_mvest()
  • token_power_to_vests()
  • token_power_to_token_backed_dollar()
  • vests_to_token_power()

E.g. token_power_to_token_backed_dollar is using hp_to_hbd() on Hive and sp_to_sbd() on Steem.

Preparation for Hivemind API changes

It is now possible to provide account name lists as array or as comma-separated string in follow():

from beem.account import Account
acc = Account("holger80")

As the changes or not live, broadcasting a list is not yet working.

There is already a get_follow_list() which can then be used to return blacklisted, follow_blacklist muted, or follow_muted lists.

from beem.account import Account
acc = Account("holger80")

You can find more about the upcoming api changes in this post

Support for different chains

I improved the correct identification for other graphene blockchains. Use the Steem() class for connecting to the API node from a Graphene based blockchain.

My focus is on the usage of beem together with Hive, but I'm open to PRs that improve the usage of beem on other chains (as long as they do not impact the usage on Hive).

Example for connecting to a graphene blockchain:

from beem import Steem
blt = Steem("")


{'chain_id': 'afa547e2e0adef898219d7f74abf36e6e957460a70120db21a03fed76cc0e8b6', 'min_version': '0.0.0', 'prefix': 'BLT', 'chain_assets': [{'asset': '@@000000021', 'symbol': 'BLURT', 'precision': 3, 'id': 1}, {'asset': '@@000000037', 'symbol': 'VESTS', 'precision': 6, 'id': 2}]}

If you like what I do, consider casting a vote for me as witness on Hivesigner or on PeakD


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