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scotbot: it is now possible to set vote/downvote weight multiplier to balance the all the different vote power


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It is now possible to modify the vote weight for the different token. This will help to balance the different vote powers. When for example by steem vote power is low, I can increase the vote multiplier for the token I'm using, then the vote power can recharge and I'm fully using the token vote power.

For example, I can now set the vote weight multiplier to 2 for the GG token by:

And a 25% steem vote will become a 50% GG token vote:

How to set the vote multiplier

This can be done by broadcasting a custom_json (hopefull there will be a tool by @economicstudio :))
the ID is scot_set_vote and the json:

{"symbol": "TOKEN1", "vote_weight_multiplier": 2}

or with downvote multiplier:

{"symbol": "TOKEN1", "downvote_weight_multiplier": 2}

or both together:

{"symbol": "TOKEN1", "vote_weight_multiplier": 2, "downvote_weight_multiplier": 2}

You can use the great tool site from @eonwarped:

Excluded tags and apps can be defined in scotbot

It is now possible to exclude specific tags and apps for a scot. When specified, posts with the excluded tag or app will not be shown anymore and are not able to receive rewards.

If you operate a SCOT and want to use this new feature, please get in touch with me.


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