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Sneak Peek of A Monster HIve Infographic: [FIRST DRAFT] Feedback Welcome


14 days ago2 min read

I started work on a giant Hive infographic for use on the website, the brainchild of @roomservice. These are the first drafts below. Please give any feedback or comments. On the Hive Power infographic, the math details are not correct, so if you know how much a 1000 HP upvote is worth, let me know. Shoutout to @hivetrending who is helping me add some elements that i missed...

The concept is to make Hive understood by the mainstream. I'm avoiding all technical terms and overly complex language and imagery. That's why is has the simple look.

Your feedback is encouraged.

This will end up on the site, under the LEARN section.

First part:




some of the icons are from and have the Creative Commons license.

I expect this to take at least a week or more to complete. When it is all done, we will have reviews, and feedback on here from the community. Then, after that, we can share it on social media like crazy, and feel free to chop up the monster one into smaller ones if needed. Because this is a big project, I will not be on Twitter as much. Once this is done, Twitter activity should increase. Be advised if you're on Twitter, and need immediate help, @HiveTrending is a very good resource.

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