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I volunteered and wrote the first draft to the 'LEARN' section of, but it would be good to have more voices to edit it, and make it better: is not my project, it is the brainchild of @roomservice who has taken it upon himself to create a smooth experience for newcomers. I decided to write the first draft not because I was asked to, but because I learned that @roomservice is super busy coding and getting the account creation tools on done and didn't have time to work on writing the LEARN HIVE section.

I am very passionate about user experience and have wanted a slick UX, and a super easy onboarding flow, so easy even a monkey could do it. is the answer I've been wanting to solve usability and onboarding for brand new Hive (and crypto) users.

I've spent quite a bit of time listening to feedback on Twitter (both in direct messages from noobs, and observing public tweets) from new Hive users about the current onboarding experience with

The main gist of that feedback is that the is complex and confusing for new users. The end result is that users tend to quit, and not follow through with creating a new account. There were several new Hive users who abandoned Hive account creation due to the complexity of it.

Based on user feedback thus far, it would be ideal to have new users see first in order to avoid the over complexity and confusing aspect of having to choose unknown options on

At the very least, it should be the first option in that list, but a lot of people's preference is that Hiveonboard should be shown to noobs first, instead of just added to the confusing list of options.

In the ideal flow, it would be-------> Hiveonboard (then if a user can't make an account with Hiveonboard)---------> all other options listed after. This way, we would cut down on the confusing and unsuccessful onboarding that has been happening thus far. Mind you, I have been observing conversations everywhere about how difficult this process is, on here, on twitter, and in direct talks with new users on twitter.

I also found the entire process on to be very confusing, and I've been using Steem since 2016. It's great to have options, but for brand new users, so many options just leads to confusion and giving up. Options should exist after the easiest method doesn't yield a result.

The goal of this Learn Hive page, as I understand it, is to give a newbie-friendly overview of Hive, and a simple way to get started using the Hive blockchain. It's not supposed to be for blockchain or crypto experts, it is supposed to be for people who may have never even sent crypto before. That's why I want to avoid using technical terms and other words that few people comprehend.

With all that in mind, the Learn Hive section still needs a lot of editing, so if you're good at writing user-centric materials, aimed at the mainstream, feel free to write, edit, or add/remove exiting copy from the Learn Hive page. You could write your own post with your edits and tag us. I will review every edit, and try to make it the best possible, then it will be out of my hands, as @roomservice has the final say on what makes it to the final copy. I am in no way critical of the amazing work and onboarding procedures that are in place on, but I see this work @roomservice is doing as a refinement and improvement upon existing methods. The source is open code as well, so you can review it.

I will also be re-working this Learn Hive section as well, because I still feel it could be simplified further with infographics. If you find anything weird or something that could improved upon, please comment below.

If you're interested in helping to write the LEARN HIVE section, then just go for it, and write your version in your own post:

This is an unpaid role, btw, just seeking exceptional volunteers who are passionate about making the onboarding process as easy, straightforward and painless as possible.

Thanks to @roomservice and others who made this possible.

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