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Bringing Modern Weapons to A Fantasy World Vol 4 Ch 1 Preview

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Vol 4 Chapter 1 Preview

On this day within Parabellum’s Mainland Headquarters, it’s Command Center was dispatching troops in succession, inside a dimly lit room operators focus on their consoles monitoring the statuses of these sent units.

「The deployment of the Strategic Bomber Wing and assault ground forces are complete」

「The Keranos (Divine Staff) is in low orbit, it’s final launch sequence is complete」

「…….Master, what are your orders?」

After confirming that all the necessary preparations for commencing their counter-offensive were in perfect order, Chitose approaches Kazuya.

「…….At this time, Commence “Operation Vermillion”!!」

Sitting in his chair Kazuya crosses his arms with closed eyes, instantly opening his eyes he issues his decree, and more than a hundred thousand soldiers begin to move en masse.

「Notify the entire army, begin the mobilization. I repeat ‘commence the operation’, all units initiate military operations」

「Opening all gates & initiating primary launch sequence. Short Range Ballistic Missiles launched! Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles launched! Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles launched! 」

Coinciding with the start of the operation, hundreds of ballistic missiles with conventional and non-conventional warheads spring from Parabellum’s underground silos, and are launched into the sky.

「The launch of all ballistic missiles has been confirmed. They will reach their targets in approximately 10 minutes」

Like a scene out of Armageddon (the end of days) countless ballistic missiles soared into the sky simultaneously, plumes of smoke billowed from the underground silos.

「Confirmed separation of kinetic projectile from Keranos, rocket boosters have ignited」

「Correcting deviation, 0.2 degrees to the right」

「Vectors and velocity check, no anomalies detected 」

「Reaching the target in approximately 20 minutes」

Following the launch of ballistic missiles, hovering in low orbit, Parabellum’s kinetic projectile, a 10 meter long metallic rod with a diameter of 50 centimeters made of tungsten & titanium, weighing at 500 kg with rocket boosters separates from the Keranos.

Falling with increased momentum, its target was one of the Empire’s weapons manufacture strongholds.

Upon entry into the world’s atmosphere, the kinetic projectile glows a fierce red, a result of the friction from the atmospheric pressure. Rather than melting into a gob of metal, its tip was shielded with the same heat-resistant tiles used on a space-shuttle. The rod continues towards its target unimpeded.

「Huh? … … What is that?」

「What’s what? How are those――」

Coincidentally the lookouts guarding the fortress turn their gazes to the sky, an object falling from the heavens was coming towards them as though it were in slow motion.

The metallic rod, propelled by its rocket boosters as well as the planets gravitational force reached speeds close to mach 10, as it soared into Imperial territory.

Just before it struck, it pierces a constant magical barrier protecting the Aerial Fortress as though it were nothing. A tremendous shockwave expanded as it generated an explosion that could rival a nuclear detonation. Obliterating the Aerial Fortresses superstructure in an instant.

The Kinetic Projectile pierces through the Aerial Superstructure embedding itself within the ground directly below it. Striking the ground once more a secondary shockwave permeates the world as it transforms the landscape into a wasteland.

Struck by the kinetic projectile the Aerial Fortress lost all control once its superstructure was destroyed, about 30 seconds from the attack the floating island began to fall apart. Breaking away due to its own mass, the floating island crumbles from its center crashing onto the ground below. Small explosions littered the falling Aerial Fortress until it crashed, and thus triggering its magical furnace’s core.

Decimating everything within its vicinity, the thousands of souls aboard the fortress disappeared in the grand explosion, leaving no trace of their existence.

「The Rod from God has struck its mark. Target has been eliminated 」

「Launching the next kinetic projectile from Keranos, igniting rocket boosters」

「15 seconds remaining until contact」

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