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My opinion about new integrated Kyber Widget on Coingeko


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Good day! As you can heard not so far ago @Coingecko announced that they are launched the integrated with KyberWidget to allow users to swap selected ERC-20 tokens seamlessly and easily within their website.

So it's one new step forward to this platform. This Kyberwidget was integrated with help of Kyber Network
I think it is user friendly solution which allows users to get seected tokens in three easy steps. It's simple and confidiently way to echange.Honestly at first time I'm not momently find how to use it, but after a minute it all was ok! And after that when I understood where and how use it it's really took me less then few minutes to use it. In my opinion even if you are newbie and not so fammilar with cryptocurrencies as me you will easy use it after first time!
And one big positive moment if something changed with market situation you can reverted.
So as conclusion I'm vote for this integrated widgetand I think using such solutions on platform can bring Coingecko in avangard among similar serviсes.

Thank you for attention!
Visit Coingecko site!
Good luck!
Yours @hiddendragon!
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