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The most important tools of success in Steemit


2 years agoBusy2 min read


It is a constant fact that you can succeed quickly and in the best way when you help others succeed. - Napoleon Hill
If you want quick success you should help others and share your information and experience with them always even if your information is few
So I love to share with you a tool that I consider to be one of the best tools of success in Steemit
Today we will talk about steemfollower
steemfollower is one of the best sites where you can get votes and strong followers
I will now explain to you in detail everything related to steemfollower so that you can benefit from this powerful site to get strong votes and followers very good...

Now step by step so you can get to know everything about the steemfollower.....
1-open steemfollower from here and press "login"2018-04-11_20-41-01.jpg

2-press "continue" ...
3-write your user name and active key from steemit
4-this how to get your active key ....
5-Congratulations now you have completed the registration process and your home page will show up like this...
6-now this to know how do you vote until you get interview votes and follow-up...
press "services" and press "manual curation"...
7-now chose "top inviters" and vote...You have to know that you only have 10 votes a day, so you just have to vote for strong articles.

In the next article I'll tell you how to buy more points from the market so you get more powerful votes... Follow me


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