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How Social Media has affected us - is it becoming an epidemic?


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Social media has changed the way people interact
Of so-called friends,
Even those that rarely see them eye view.

Therefore, the impact of social media in the community prompted researchers to
Investigate whether this effect is positive or negative. But the results are nomads
Mixed, where between the benefits and cons together to use networking sites
Social. In these studies, we focus on the impact of communication
Social in mental health.

Recent research has shown that the use of social media sites, especially
Facebook, can increase stress levels and distress when people, Yue
To anxiety, negatively affects a person's sense of self; in the use of these
Sites May cause or worsen a person's mental health disorder
Psychological disorder exists.
Social media also has the ability to
Spread the moods of others quickly to everywhere in the world.

Provide social media alive Yemen people from the situation
The image or face that they want others to delude; create a profile
An account (or personal browser) allows a person to acknowledge

Facebook under the microscope

Exactly a picture that can be presented to others. For some people, they can
What might
This leads to something like an obsession and this indicates a person's self-reliance, according to some studies.

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