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Lara Croft Fanart - Tribute to J. Zimmerman


10 months agoBusy2 min read

Lara-tribute to julius zimmerman.jpg

On one of her dangerous expeditions, Lara Croft discovers a small lake, a beautiful place located in a deep forest. Since the sexy Tomb Raider feels a bit salty and needs a break, she decides to put off her clothes and heavy equipment, and take a bath. Suddenly she hears a crack behind her and turns around...

Julius Zimmerman was an artist, known for his erotic drawings, who died November 8th/2017 at age 63 from terminal cancer. Here's the link to the original death notice in Zimmerman's official google group

Some of the very first erotic Lara Croft pictures i've ever seen were created by Julius. The style and humor in his works impressed me very much.

A few years ago i had remastered some of his early sexy Tomb Raider drawings and published it on my blog. Since that blog is also no longer with us i decided to have a look into my old folders again, and here we are...

As a tribute to Julius Zimmerman i've re-created "Lara 3", which Julius drew in the year 2000. The original (right) and my 3D version (left) together in one pic. The model is my current Lara Croft that's based on Genesis2 like all my models. The 3D environment i've composed from scratch with Maya.

If you're interested, you will find more of Julius' art easily on the interwebs. Links to my sites are listed below.

Thanks for reading. And to you, Julius Zimmerman, thanks for the inspiration. May you rest in peace.


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