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In 2018, three currencies—the Argentinian Peso, the Venezuelan Bolivar, and the Turkish Lira—lost at least half of their value; the Bolivar, in fact, lost over 99% of its value. This depreciation was caused by the ruling government of each country; however, it was the everyday people of Argentina, Venezuela, and Turkey that paid the price.

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Modern-day national currencies, which are also referred to as fiat currencies, are backed by nothing and their value is driven by the economy and monetary policy of the country they belong to. Both the economy and monetary policy of a country hinge on the decisions of politicians in the ruling government. The consequences of decisions’ driven by ruling politicians’ self-interest are often a burden on the masses. Currencies whose value is entirely driven by the state ensure governments possess an incredible of power.

However, when that power is misused, currencies can depreciate—incredible amounts.

The depreciation of a currency proportionally depreciates the wealth of those who hold it. Thus, in a sense, currencies are very much like assets; highly liquid assets that can be used to transfer value with ease. Though, this is an asset that is constantly depreciating, and in some cases, the depreciation is enough to cost people a vast portion of their life savings.

A Currency with True Value

Prior to fiat currencies, national currencies were backed by the gold held in a state’s treasury. If a country would print surplus paper money, the value of the outstanding notes would be diluted. This would lead to depreciation.

Before the Gold Standard, gold itself was the key means of transferring value.

Despite its limitations, gold, as a currency, ensured that decisions of the state would not impact people.

The gold held by people would not tarnish in value even if the state indebted itself. Of course, in times of a state’s financial turmoil higher taxes would be placed, but this led to a positive feedback cycle where the state was able to pull itself out of debt. Alternately, those unwilling to pass over their wealth to the state could simply move, along with their gold.

Today, this is not possible.

A few Argentinians, Venezuelans, and Turkish who were able to sell their national currencies, before the sudden jolt of depreciation struck, were able to preserve their wealth. The vast portion of the countries’ respective populations were not able to preserve their wealth as they did not have the foresight needed to predict the calamity.

But what if Gold can once again be a currency?

One of the greatest benefits of blockchain technology, tokenization, has been applied to precious metals by a number of ambitious projects. Some ICOs have been led by teams that have tokenized gold in an effort to make it easier to trade gold against cryptocurrencies. However, this is a mere sampler of what can be achieved with the tokenization of gold.

Kinesis protocol emits gold- and silver-backed money.

Kinesis is a protocol that allows people to create and use a currency backed by gold. People can join the network and become minters, or members of the community who buy physical gold with fiat or Crypto.

They must then choose a depositor for this gold; once the gold is deposited into a trusted network of vaults, a digital currency that represents the deposited gold is emitted by the Kinesis protocol. Anyone can be a minter.

Minters can then go on to sell their gold-backed Kinesis Coins (KCoins) on the open market. Community members who buy KCoins and deposit them in an e-wallet become the first depositors. Deposited KCoins can be transferred to others, held, or spent via Kinesis payment cards. Both depositors and minters are rewarded by the Kinesis ecosystem.

Preserving Wealth

KCoins created by the Kinesis protocol give everyone, irrespective of their location, the opportunity to preserve their wealth while holding a liquid asset. For the first time, gold won’t be illiquid as Kinesis debit cards will be make the KCoins spendable at any point-of-sale system in the world.

While acquiring foreign capital becomes difficult in countries where the national fiat currency faces sharp depreciation, cryptocurrencies, due to their innate decentralized nature, make their way past any and every border. Major cryptocurrencies like Dash have helped Venezuelans and Turkish people defend themselves against the depreciation of their national currency. And, to a lesser extent, even Argentinians have used this strategy.

However, cryptocurrencies like Dash have not become easily spendable yet. Moreover, they are speculative assets that many people are hesitant to buy into even when their national currency is depreciating. Thus, there’s a chance that cryptocurrencies could have protected the wealth of even more people had those people been given an opportunity to buy a cryptocurrency that represents something they are familiar with: gold.

The first of its kind, the Kinesis payment card is a means to transact, across the world, with tokenized gold.

KCoins are an opportunity for such people.

As everyone around the globe recognizes gold and its value, those threatened by a depreciating national currency can hold onto gold, an asset that is known for just appreciation. While they may not be able to purchase it in local markets, they can acquire Crypto through p2p markets and then utilize that Crypto to buy KCoins. Alternately, KCoins can directly be placed in p2p transactions.

The best part is that these gold-backed KCoins will be spendable at any point-of-sale system as market-makers on the Kinesis Currency Exchange and Kinesis Blockchain Exchange will provide instantly liquidity, with tight spreads, to ensure the KCoins are given an instant redemption value of the gold that they represent. Thus, KCoins won’t just allow a means to store wealth in a non-depreciating currency, they’ll ensure that daily spends can be sustained with a non-depreciating currency as-well.

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