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Read this if You're missing someone who left you


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

64D05BAA-B0E3-4814-B257-D12F5634BF2D.jpegSince the day you left, I am no more same. You came into my life and made my life beautiful. I told you that I never want to lose you. I told you that I love you more than I do to myself. I miss how we used to talk for hours on call at late nights. I miss your intense voice and laughs. I miss how you used to told me about the stories while looking at moon. I miss how we used to plan our day. I made you my world. I still get cravings to hug you and to cry out loud. You left me just like that only. How can you not miss me when you spent the same moments? How can you be so cruel? How can you not get cravings of mine? You felt the same love and you cried for me several times. Do you remember that how you used to treat me when I used to be angry on you? Okay! Fine. Leave. I am only one stupid here who is missing you. If you really felt the same way then you would have never gone. After all the good memories, you have given me the worst memories. I remember myself losing self respect for you. I cried and stopped you. I begged you. I did everything to keep you in my life. I even apologised for the mistakes I never did. I felt so ugly that I hated myself. I loved with my whole heart but what you did? You disrespected me You disrespected my love, my feelings, my emotions, my soul and everything. Yes, I miss you but I don't want you back in my life. I am happy that you showed your colors. I am not going to cry or crave for you more because its only giving me sufferings while you are already moved on. Oh! You didn't need moving on.


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