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7 Signs that shows


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They are not worthy of your love'

If they are telling you 'I am are over my past and I see future with you.' but ends up on the past. dwelling actually they will always telling you they have leaved their past and they decided their new future with you they will support you no matter what or how hard time comes.

If they are telling you 'I can't go If they through a day without talking to you.' but ends up giving daily are excuses for being busy. Yea this is most important thing which is note able. If someone loves you then they find a free time for you they can manage their time but if someone try to avoid you then they have alot of reasons or complaints etc.

If they are telling you 'I understand you and will never give up on us. but they ends up forcing their own perspective over yours. Before caming hard situation they always told you they can support you but whenever times comes they starts giving their perspective and don't care about your perspective.

If they are telling you 'I can't leave you or can't see you sad.' but ends up leaving you alone in the nights with tears, anxiety and pain. And they go with their friends in clubs or may be they told to you they have important meetings and their self enjoying at the other side. Actually they don't care about you.

If they telling you 'I will always support you' but are ends up distracting you from your goals by giving you emotional sufferings.

If they telling you 'I love you' but ends up making you are feel unloved.


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