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Privacy policy statement for Panic Trigger.


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Linked Task Request

There is/was no task request for this contribution. I offered to lend my abilities to the project and the project owner obliged. My request was made via an issue on Github.


Privacy policy statements are necessary for every kind of software. Although its importance really shines in situations where user data is collected externally, it is also valuable for projects where the developer doesn't necessarily collect user data.
Panic trigger is a handy software. It is useful in emergency situations. To function as expected, the app requires certain permissions which might give off a hint that user data is or, can be collected. But, that's not the case. However, the developer is planning to implement a feature which would enable him to get crash reports when the app crashes. This means that certain user data would be transferred. All these would be clarified in a policy statement, and that's what I did.

Actual content

I created a privacy policy statement following a template on the internet. But, modifications were made to suit the project for which the content was created for.
Read the Privacy Policy Here

Additional information

The privacy policy statement has been merged by the project owner. He was pleased with the content and expressed his gratitude.

Link to Merged privacy policy

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