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Review of Hotel Rycerski Szczecin

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9 months agoBusy2 min read


We stay in this 4 stars hotel during our visit to Szczecin in Poland. We only give positive review for this hotel but as this post is about to review restaurant, i would like to stick this theme to review the restaurant of this nice hotel.

The restaurant is located in the cellar. There is a beautiful classic room with several tables. Very cozy for breakfast and dinner. Outside there is also a terrace with tables and tents, this place is great for enjoying dishes and drinks in the warm days.

The breakfast has a variety of warm menus that often change every day, not boring. Besides, there are cold dishes of European standards.

The dinner is delicious. The dishes are served decorative. This is fine dining in 4 star hotels. We can order a single menu, or three courses menu. And they have various of good wines.

Service staff are always nice and helpful.



Restaurant NameHotel Rycerski Szczecin
AddressPotulicka 1A 71-899 Szczecin, Polska
Location53.4243349, 14.5464401
Type of FoodInternational
Time of DayDaytime
Price RangeMedium

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