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What is your opinion about "The Knowledge Of The Forever Time"


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If you are new to the topic and didnt watch "The Knowledge Of The Forever Time," then I suggest you to watch it. But you should be open to the idea of aliens, ufo's and ancient human technology. This documentary series is wildly successful and many people believe in it. It was made by DAMON T. BERRY FILMMAKER and you can watch it on Youtube. I am sharing the link to the first episode and you will find the rest in the same channel.

Now the funniest part in the story is that the US government has deemed THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOREVER TIME to be a threat to national security. Dont forget! That's democracy :P
Now if you have already watched the series, you would know that it has nothing to do with any government and isnt a threat to anyone, unless every world of it is true! Of course nobody want us to know why we are here or what is the purpose of our life. We should work, obey the governments and our different religions; and be silent! But for how long are we going to do that! I think everybody is aware of whats happening around us everywhere in every continent.

We are not more the cave people who see astronauts or alien and shout "They are the Gods who came from the sky". We are technologically advanced and educated enough to understand that we are not alone in the whole universe. The thought of us living alone in the universe itself is funny.

Damon T. Berry has recently had his home looted while at the same time being under 24 hour surveillance. Just because he was too brave to tell the truth. Every human has a different experience in life and it is important to respect every person's opinion. They just don't want us to know the truth and keep living in the dark. But I think it is too late, as the most of us already saw the light...

This is one of his last podcasts where he told his story. Unfortunately he got cancer from nowhere, he cant travel out of the states, they follow him everywhere and monitoring him. Nobody can help him even the doctors and governments cars are just following him anywhere. The US Government has seized all documents, scripts and master copies of the films. They have taken over his bank accounts, blocked all email accounts, phones, and have seized all assets from all bank safe deposit boxes.




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