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CRYPTOLANCERS || Block Chain Revolution in Freelance 2.0


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The CryptoLancers platform is a decentralized platform for the freelancers to peer platform and CryptoLancers tokens for online payments, which allows relationships between project leaders and service providers, helping people to carry out innovative projects and using freelancers to provide suitable jobs and services. CryptoLancers will solve many problems.

For decades, independent platforms have tried to find a balance between customer needs and freelancer requirements, while server operators are stuck in the middle.

CryptoLancers simplifies and speeds up payments, and CryptoLancers offers the best services that meet customers' goals and objectives at the lowest prices and the best time.

The CryptoLancers ecosystem uses distributed computing to solve online payment transaction problems inherent in existing systems in a single distributed peer-to-peer platform. Blockchain technology and decentralized intellectual contracts make it easy to pay for customer projects on an agnostic trust platform, offering a significant reduction in fraud risk and counterparty risk.

Functions and future projects

We have more opportunities for the freelance market than just lost ecosystems, but for all that is valuable, it's good to build a good foundation.

Our main goal is to become an international platform, and our coins are in the top 10 ICOs on the market. We want to get our name so that we can reach not only those who are technically experienced, but also
also ordinary people.

After that, we plan to connect our CryptoLancers platform to existing functional services and make them available to everyone. We have also created our platform to become a base layer, which is easily extended to other projects in various regions and around the world.

Some of these functions can change when we learn how the platform is used in the real world, and some of them cannot be extracted from the drawing board. But we are a group of creative, innovative and experienced in various fields.

What does the client want?

Due to various shipping requests, customers want to get the best offer that meets their expectations in terms of quality, price and processing time. They want to help set expectations that are in line with their project.

They also want to get full satisfaction from the results obtained at the end of the contract or the general outflow in the opposite case. Their project security is one of the important requirements, for this the next job on the work done is the initial task.

Customers want a quality server and can easily and cheaply exchange on the market without hacking. But most importantly, they just want to find everything on one safe platform!

By investing, CryptoLancers allows platform publishers to assign tasks to affected symbols. CryptoLancers provides several services on one platform, using a fully distributed network and a very secure payment method.

Information about tokens

Token: CLT
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

Selling Price of Face 1: $ 0.200
The maximum number of tokens to be sold:
5 000 000 100 000 000 (5%)
Minimum purchase amount: $ 10,000

Pre-sale price of 2 $ 0.375
The maximum number of tokens to be sold:
10 000 000 100 000 000 (10%)
Minimum purchase amount: 1000 USD

ICO Price: $ + 0.498
The maximum number of tokens to be sold:
22 500 000 - 100 000 000 (22.5%)
Minimum purchase amount: 0.5 ETH

General tablet with cryptographic encoder: $ 1,500,000
Total Cryptolancer tokens: $ 11,250,000

Token distribution

CryptoLancers will spread as widely as possible during the distribution of tokens at startup. This distribution will consist of storing well-calculated amounts for the CryptoLancers team, as well as selling private personal and public tokens.



Meet teams of founders, developers, designers and web security groups to confirm the idea of a decentralized freelance platform

Start with a white book and apply all suggestions from the whole team.
Token market analysis and research:

All token algorithms are sold.
Fees for filing freelancing.
Technical documentation is complete.
Conference meeting with all interested investors and all teams.

Pre-sale Q3 tokens begin more than 45 days.
List CLT tokens on the exchange one month after pre-sale starts.
Definition and initial development of the platform structure.
Release the beta.

Implementation of the official version of the platform website.
The first step in developing blockchain technology.
Hard fork from the distribution of CLT tokens from all exchanges.



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