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How to be a Crypto Billionaire - Brock Pierce - World Blockchain Forum


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This speech by Brock Pierce at The World Blockchain Forum was so good I felt it was worth transcribing to directly reference back to in future posts of mine. If I've violated any plagiarism or Steemit policies, please let me know and I can adjust the post. According to this information from a quick Google search, so long as you attribute the originality of the content and surround the content in quotes, that does not constitute plagiarism.

Will You Be A Crypto Billionaire? (Brock Pierce -The World Blockchain Forum)

0:00 By realigning everyone’s interests, and it’s this technology that’s doing that in a large way. My partner Dan Larimer obviously invented the concept of the DAC in 2014. I’m very happy to be doing that all with him in this open sourced inclusive aligned interest world where users and beneficiaries all become one.

0:20 - I also want to talk about this briefly. I’m all about meeting billionaires these days. I want to meet all the future billionaires. But to me a billionaire is not someone with a lot of money. I don’t care about money anymore, we make it. I care about people that are going to change the lives of a billion people or more.

0:36 - Ya know a billionaire - we want to talk these old ideas and give them new meaning. Ya know, it’s the blockchain that’s the technology that’s going to change the world. But technology isn’t conscious, right? Technology doesn’t know the difference between good or bad and this old adage of money is power - that paradigm is coming to an end. Ya know, this new paradigm is technology its power and having money won’t buy you a seat at the table anymore. It’s being, doing something with your money and your resources. It’s taking your superhero powers and skills and applying them for the benefit of others and that’s what’s going to allow you to be a part of these big clubs and we aren’t competing on any projects.

1:16 - You aren’t, when there’s someone else doing something similar to you, it’s not competition. It’s split testing. Somebody is trying a different variant to the same idea and we need to try it all because if any of us is successful in changing the world, we all win.

1:28 - The only competition that’s out there are the people that lack integrity. Those are the people we need to compete with. Those are the people we want to fight with. [last sentence wasn’t clearly audible]

1:41 - There’s this concept of Ikigai which is a big, kind of, driver, and we all, human beings are inherently good and want to find purpose. And it’s when you get that alignment of interest when your’e doing something you love and I - GOD, is life good right now. And the reason why I won’t ever be unemployed is because a lot of people work to live and that’s not a great way to be. It’s what the world needs, what, ya know, people are willing to compensate you for meaning they agree you’re good at it to. And what’s your good at is the combination of all those things where you eventually find this Japanese principle and your ultimate purpose in the center and everything in the world could be done better. Another great Japanese term is Kai Zen and it’s the idea of “can you continually improve everything that you show up for in life - do it the best you can.”

This information is just too good not to share. It directly aligns with my goals of creating blockchain based solutions for encouraging more positive societal behavior.

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I'd love to have a conversation with you about your journey as well! If we aren't utilizing the technology in a way that benefits the most people at the harm of none, we are misusing the technology. We can and must come together to help promote the well being of everyone. We have the resources, we have the creativity, and we have the technology. The only thing left is to do.

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