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The Czech Republic - My country


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Hello my dear Steamians

so this is the last round of #shareyourworld contest run by @reonlouw . It was amazing to read the entries from other and for me somewhat exotic parts of the world. This time the topic is:

Tell us something about your people, your culture and your country that will cause us to want to visit your country. Don't do the regular tourist attractions that we can Google. Tell us something special and unique.
Tell us about a people, a culture or a country other than your own that you admire and would love to visit and experience. And very importantly, tell us why.
The topic seems to be very easy but I am not sure whether I know in what is special of Czech people character. And how much is my little country in the heart of Europe with ten millions inhabitans known among people from the rest of the world whether they heard about it before.

My country is also name of the symphonic poem written by Bedrich Smetana (he was almost deaf when he wrote it). If you like serious music here is part Vltava (the name of Czech river)

What are the Czech people like? I think we have got a sense of humour and we can make jokes out of ourselves. May be you heard about Czech soldier Svejk in world war I., hero from the book of Jaroslav Hasek. You don't know whether Svejk stupid is or he is just pretending it. And similar are the Czech people - for hundreds of years suffering under Austro - Hungarian emperors, occupated by nacists and then by communist Soviet Union. And our only weapon against the oppresive regimes was the humour.

What can Czech Republic offer to tourists?

Although we don't have seaside, there is a lot of other attractions. Beauties of nature, our capital Prague with its medieval monuments or South Bohemian villages which look like from a fairy tail. Many people visit my country because of extraordinary beer. Did you know that "Pils" bears its name after the Pilsen city? There was made first lager with use of lower fermentation in the world. And Amercan beer Bud derivates the name from the Czech town Budejovice (also Budweiss in German).
Young men come to the Czech Republic from other reason. It is said that Czech women are the most beautiful in the world and they just want to confirm it.

Do you know @czechglobalhosts ? This Czech guy is running photo contests and here you can find perfect photos from all continents and also from the Czech Republic and Prague. Of course, you can also take part in them!

And what country is on my to visit list? Egypt and pyramids in Giza and Kings' valley! I admire the building craft of people living 4500 years ago.

Thank you for reading and special thank for you @reonlouw for the superb contest, I liked it a lot.


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