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Perfect Mirror - Silent Sunset - Light Painting


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One of my most exciting places to do Light Painting; Salar de Uyuni

Early this year i went to the salar with @g-shot to create. One of the results that i love the most is this piece. This is a very short exposure time of 2sec at ISO 160 F5. So you can imagine i had to move the light tubes very fast to create these shapes behind her. Also very challenging is the balance between the brightness of the tubes versus the sunset in the background. Its not as perfect as i hoped but look at the reflection > thats what i wanted thats what i got. So in the end iam perfectly happy with the model, the light painting shape and the insane sunset in the backround.

if you have more questions how its done ask me please.
for more of this kind of art look for my pages:


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