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SteemMonsters: Unlocked Diamond II & Daily Quest Rewards & Pro Tip


5 months agoBusy2 min read


So finally, I’ve unlocked Diamond II league – which now guarantees me 50 Rewards card at the end of the season – which ends in another 5 days.


I’ve been playing the SteemMonsters game regularly now and have started to understand the game much better now. Earlier, when I wasn’t that much familiar I was randomly selecting the Splinter for the battel. And if you are also doing the same then let me tell you that you need to understand & read the battle Rules clearly before selecting the splinter as each splinter is capable with different powers which help them to Win the battle with the predefined rules.
So here the Pro Tip which I normally follow and has helped me to Win many battles with the Rule:- “Monster Lose all the abilities”

When this Rule is for the battle than my favorite Splinter here is the, “Water” Splinter & I choose the magic card splinters i.e. the fireballs ability and the ranged ability cards. This technique has helped me to win many battles with the Rule of “Monster Lose all the abilities”

Moving on the Daily Quest Rewards – this time I got 12 rewards cards out of which I got 2 Rare & 1 Epic card.


I'm gonna keep all these cards and add them up to my collection of cards.

All the best for your NextBattle & see you on the Battlefields..


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