Non-GumpyCompliant vote sellers are now to be used exclusively to profit from the reward pool!


3 months agoSteemit2 min read

From now on Bid-bots that are not GumpyCompliant are to be used exclusively to profit from the reward pool (not post promotion). That's already about 95% of what they are being used for so it shouldn't make much of a difference to them!

All legit post promotion on quality content using non-compliant bots are at risk of being GrumpyFlagged!

What is GrumpyCompliance? : GrupyCompliance was annouced with a top post 14 days ago. and a reminder sent 7 days later. It is a new requirement for vote selling services to refuse and refund purchases for votes on posts that are more than 3.5 day old.

It is intended to fight the nothing at stake people from profiting from buying upvotes on low quality content at the last few hours.

1. Gives us more time to flag them (3.5 days > 12h).

2. Increase their risk with STEEM/SBD price fluctuation.

(normal post promoters are spending SBD that may not be worth much more than 1 USD when it pays out.

3. More at stake.

We will be able to wipe out 3.5 days worth of their reward sucking posts instead of only last 12h. (they post crap and buy votes all day long)

To know what voting bot to use when promoting legit content, refer to (by @yabapmatt) and only use those that have 3.5 day or less in the "Max Age" column.


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