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The Huntsman called Book


2 years agoSteemit2 min read

Yesterday I was eating and watching TV I went over to give mum a hug and looked back the worst mistake of the day I saw this:


I was horrified to see a massive spider which I suspected of being a funnel web. I bravely informed mum that there was a big spider because… I… was… did... uh tactically withdrew yes it was uh tactics yes tactics. Then mum was slowly moving it outside then the spider PANICKED, moved up the paper and then mum threw it out the door! Or attempted to… she threw it almost out the door it then proceeded to scuttle back inside the house. She then proceeded to whack it outside. It furiously ran to the best extent a spider can run INSIDE THE HOUSE. The whacking continued, the mad scuttling also continued until finally it was outside. We commenced with shutting the door. It had fled under the nearest shelf witch happened to be right next to the door we did not go outside for at least 2 hours. I thought of the spider, it looked like this:


It turned out to be a huntsmen when I was looking it up with a Google image search it came up with:



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