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Wu Assassins (Netflix series): Great fight scenes - the rest is pretty bad


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

I only watched this because I made a promise 6 months ago that I will watch literally anything that Netflix recommended at the top of my homepage. Most of the time the suggestions are actually pretty crap. This isn't "crap" but it lacks a lot of elements of what I would consider entertainment.


Officially classified as a "supernatural action crime drama" (come on guys) I can say that although that is a mouthful, it is an accurate representation of what kind of show it is. I wouldn't get to worked up about the "drama" aspect of it, because for the most part the acting is pretty bad.

It can't be easy to find people that are both exceptional at stage martial arts and also accomplished actors, so I'm not gonna get hung up on how for the most part, the acting is extremely B-movie quality.


The story takes place mostly in China-town in San Francisco and focuses on fictional organized crime syndicates therein. The story focuses primarily on Kai Jin, a simple chef who gets inadvertently wrapped up with the wrong people and later becomes chosen as the "Wu Assassin." It is his job to hunt down the other 5 "Wu powered people" and stop them as they intend to DESTROY THE WORLD!


If the story sounds dumb that is only because for most people, it definitely is dumb. The excellent fight choreography kind of makes up for that.

It becomes apparent at certain points that they don't really have the CGI budget that they would like to have had but again, the stellar fights make up for it..... kind of. I watched this show for about 2 hours and to be honest I will probably return to it when i have nothing else to watch just to see the fights. The story doesn't interest me at all but some people might like it. I hesitate to rate this either way because it is great at some things and terrible at others. I suppose it takes the right kind of person to enjoy this.

I wouldn't bet on this show to last more than say a couple seasons and subsequently I give it the very neutral overall rating of.....



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