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The Family (Netflix series): It took 2.5 episodes for it to become a Russia thing


11 months agoSteemit3 min read

I had recently written about how I felt that this series was quickly becoming a story of how a member of an exclusive club was outcast from said club and was now going to try to get his revenge by bringing down the entire organization. Jeff Sharlet is that person in question and I think if you go into this thing with your politics aside, it is quite easy to identify the fact that he feels scorned by this organization that he was once a part of.


I don't like the idea of a fraternal organization attempting to, or succeeding at infiltrating the politics of nations around the world, but I also do not pretend to think that an elite club that I will never get membership to can (and likely does) exist. I feel as though producer Jeff Sharlet, although he does his best to not present it that way, simply comes across as the whiny rich kid that upon having his participation in a neighborhood baseball game questioned, will take his ball and go home in an attempt to ruin the game for everyone else. If I can't play, no one gets to....


I was critical of this show a few days ago, but now, in episode three, they actually changed gears to try to jump on the "Russia Russia Russia" gravy-train of suggesting that all of the world's problems are Russia's fault. They also try to make the conclusion tying Trump into Russia in what I, and many other people (i think most people) are really kind of tired of hearing about.


Up until this point, I was enjoying this expose into a vast-reaching political-group that pulls the strings of various governments, but once he went down the Russia path, I'm afraid I don't really want to watch it anymore. I can all but guarantee that the end conclusion that they try to make is Russia rigging USA elections. Maybe I'm on the wrong side of history but the whole Russia stuff is one of the few conspiracy theories that I am well and truly sick of, and can't get on board with at all.

I'm not saying don't watch this: Quite the opposite. I would like it if you did watch it and then know if you agree with me or not. I don't want to influence anyone's political opinions and I'm not going to accuse many people of being "dumb" for siding with whatever they want. However, I do feel that this entire mini-series is just another example of Netflix-sponsored fear-mongering.

It is so ironic because they try to warn us about groups that are trying to manipulate the way we think. .....with a "tell-all" series that is trying to manipulate the way we think.


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