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ESPN goes full R-tard


7 months agoSteemit3 min read

When I saw this pop up on my newsfeed I thought it was satire. Unfortunately for everyone in the world, it is an actual news story.


serving fast food to people is now "racist"

Remember when ESPN was a sports network? It was kind of around the time that MTV was a music network. Nowadays, as the world becomes more and more insane, ESPN - a sports channel (the "S" stands for "sports") is now doing political commentary... badly.

In a recent segment for "First Take," a show that I, and most other people have never heard of and don't watch, a panel of 4 people thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a bunch of time to talking about Trump serving fast food to the Clemson Tigers' football team.


I suppose that since the Tigers are a football team that there is some element of sports' reporting going on here, but the hosts used the segment as an opportunity to fill up the airwaves with their political bias drivel and the already struggling network is scrambling to play damage control because of this

The suggestion was that since most of the players on an average football team tend to be black, that fast food was only served to them because of this. They were served fast-food because they are black. (although not her words, this is what Molly Qerim, a host on the show, was suggesting)

This is such an absolutely ridiculous statement and this is coming from the mouths of people who are meant to be professionals in journalism. It would be one thing if this was a random tweet from some dude on Twitter, but this is from a network who is supposed to specialize in reporting on sports.

Two of the hosts went on and on with innuendo suggesting that (once again) the President is a racist but at least one of the reporters had some sense about him. Max Kellerman said “A lot of the kids on the team had fun with it. There are reasons to be upset right now, and this ain’t it.”

If I turn on a sports network (and trust me, i don't) I would imagine I would be tuning in to hear / read / see things about sports; not this garbage. Tucker Carlson has taken to referring to ESPN needing to change the meaning of their letters to "Endless Stupid Political Nagging."

It will be interesting to see the backlash of this. For me, if i was in charge of ESPN, I would be doing everything I could to not encourage any part of the diminishing viewership to boycott my channel. This was a very stupid move on their part, and I would imagine this is only going to have disastrous results for the network.


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