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Detroit: Become Human - I changed my mind, this game is good


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I had previously stated that I thought this concept was stupid because you aren't really playing a game so much as you are watching a movie and occasionally hitting a button to determine the path the story takes. I still kind of stand behind that because as far as I can tell you can't possibly fail at this "game."


I am changing my tune because the level of different paths that this game can take depending on those decisions is immense and sometimes the choices I make I feel like i wish I had chosen something different by the time the chapter is done. The decisions are not meaningless either, because according to the charts that you see at the end of each chapter, there are certain decisions that can be made that will drastically affect the story later down the line.


This chart has all the possible outcomes revealed but normally while playing you will only get to see one. The different endings on each chapter has a huge impact on where the story goes later. I am certain a lot of the footage is re-used for various paths, but some of it couldn't possibly be, since major characters can end up being dead because of your choices. I don't know if this ever forces the game to be over... i would suggest this cant happen because it would be extremely frustrating to have put hours into a game and then have the game be irrevocably ended.

source bonus points for knowing what happens here if you make the "wrong" choice

Some of your choices seem arbitrary and in other instances you will eventually end up being forced to use all the options laid out for you until you get it right. However, there are other choices you have to make that will change all subsequent events to the point where this game has a TON of different paths a player could take. If you and a pal were playing this game at around the same time it would lead to loads of possible conversations.

At the end of each chapter the chart will also display stats on what choices your friends who have the game made, and also what everyone in the world made. There have been times where the choice I made fell into a category where less than 10% of the players in the world made that choice and while I know it is dumb, this made me feel special :)

This game isn't really a game since you actually do spend a great deal of the time simply watching it, but the acting (except for a character named Conner - who is wooden and boring) is done extremely well and the graphics are 2nd to none. Combine this with the fact that this game is currently free for Playstation Plus members and I think it is definitely worth playing.

At first I hated it because it is so different from anything I have ever played but since I defeated all my other games I returned to it and now I am fully on board. It's a great game with tremendous replay value and for the grand price of "free" I can't imagine any reason to not give it a go.


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