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Ali G Indahouse (film): probably Baron Cohen's weakest movie


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This is going back a ways. I have known about Ali G for quite some time and really appreciated his mockumentary work particularly when he would travel to the United States where the public were completely unaware of the character. This was a full-length film and wasn't a mockumentary at all and unfortunately, it just isn't very good.


Sasha Baron Cohen has created a number of wonderful characters, the favorite of which is almost certainly Borat, who actually does make a brief appearance in this movie. Prior to the release of this film, the Ali G Show had been popular in the U.K. and if you looked hard enough, I suppose it had gained some traction in the USA, but not really.

This film follows the life of Ali-G, who is a gangster wannabe and how he accidentally gets wrapped up in the U.K. political system and becomes a Minister of Parliament during a fluke election that he was meant to lose badly.


Baron-Cohen's rise to fame has always been pretty amazing to me, because even back in 2002 (when this film was made) he had the sort of clout to pull in big name established actors like Martin Freeman, Sir Michael Gambon, and Tywin Lannister.


not only do they agree to be in the film, but they also get made to appear quite ridiculous in what they almost certainly were aware was going to be a seriously low-brow comedy.

I suppose it would be considered a success since the budget was $7 million and it pulled in near 30 but I don't think anyone, including Baron Cohen are going to suggest that this is a great movie. His true abilities lie in fake documentaries where he is ad-libbing in embarrassing situations with an unsuspecting public such as he did with the Ali-G show, Borat, and to a lessor degree, Bruno. I can't really recommend this film but i suppose it has its moments.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ali-G character, this ins't the place to start. I would suggest looking up Da Ali-G Show or Ali-G in Da USA. That material is far better.

On a scale of "Urgh!" to "Wowsers!" I give Indahouse the overall score of.....



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